Buy and Sell Group Rules | Learn Facebook Group Language | FB Marketplace Rules

Buy and Sell Group Rules – Just like every other group or organization, there are rules and there ought to be rules governing buy and sell group rules that buyers and sellers need to adhere to.

These rules are not stipulated to witch hunt buyers and sellers, rather it is to curb the excesses of some members of the group who may want to take advantage of the group to defraud another.

This is ideal so as to protect both the buyer and seller interest for a smoother selling experience.

Buy and Sell Group Rules  |  Learn Facebook Group Language

Buy and Sell Group Rules (Learning the ropes)

Once you get admitted to any group, the first thing you should do is learn what works for and what doesn’t for that particular group to avoid eviction. Let’s see some ground rules you need to know;

Study Your Group Members

This is to help you know what works and the things that may not work for this sect. Simply put, know the likes and dislikes of this group to know what you can actually sell or not sell on the group to avoid being exited from the group.

Learn the Group’s Language

To avoid getting confused, get to know abbreviations for the group you are on and what they mean. Here are some acronym and what they mean;

F – the post is being followed by the commenter.

PM’d – the poster has been sent a private message by the commenter.

WTB – the poster wants to buy the item.

NIL – the commenter is next in line for the item.

BUMP – this person is striving to get his/her post to the post to the top of the feed.

BNWT – brand new with tags.

Censor Your Pictures

Avoid risqué pictures and let the item you are selling do the talking and let the focal point be on the uploaded picture.

Be Truthful About the item You Post

Do not advertise an item as “Never been worn” when it actual sense you’ve worn it. Give a true picture of what you are selling.

Respect the Decision of the Admins

The admins regulate the activities of these groups and ensure it goes well. Thus you will do well to respect their views if you want to remain in the group to further sell or buy.

General Facebook Buy and Sell Group Rules

Facebook prohibits the following from being sold on any buy and sell grip on Facebook platforms. These are items like animals, drugs, weapons, counterfeits, and other items that infringe intellectual property rights are not permitted in buy and sell groups or on Marketplace.

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