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Boots online – Boots UK was known as BOOTS THE CHEMIST LTD is a huge pharmaceutical chain of shops in the UK and other countries. was founded in Nottingham, the United Kingdom by John boot. Apart from its pharmaceuticals, boots also specialize in Beauty products and photography together with optical and ear care services in their shops.

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With a sole aim of providing medical services and special health care solutions, Boots online as a company offers high levels of assistance to persons in need of them. They also help customers that have issues with smoking habits and administer advice to persons having serious conditions over long periods like Asthma and Diabetes etc.

With 165 years of practice and existence, Boots online have the experience needed to show their prowess in Beauty trends, medical products and also show tips and clues to customers, thereby being of great help to them in exciting ways.

Boots online was immensely involved in their quest for researching drugs in the 1960’s and was recognized because of their involvement in the development of IBUPROFEN in the same period stated above. In 1998, it broadened its horizon and crept into dentistry with a great number of shops offering these services.

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After a series of ups and downs, Boots online were later re-registered in 2007 as ‘BOOTS UK’, which is known as that even up till now.

One of the few scandals that were faced by Boots UK, includes the controversy they had over the sales of the emergency contraceptive pills also known as the morning after pills. Boots online where accused of selling these pills to consumers at four times the original cost price and also declined to be part of a national initiative to stop making excessive gains financially through that means.

However, their reasons for keeping their prices high was that the use of those drugs was inappropriate and they were obviously trying to discourage it sales. But campaigners were against BOOTS and labeled them as being INSULTING AND SEXISTS. Boots claimed to have received tons of insults from consumers while they embarked on a campaign online but were unable to provide any substantial evidence subsequently.

Boots online have always had a pharmacy at the back of their hearts, and have shown this by granting employments to over twenty-five thousand pharmacy colleagues in towns and rural areas across countries, meaning that consumers of their services and products never become too distant from a boots store/pharmacy.

Boots online have successfully stood out from the crowd, by giving a safe supply of complex medications with advice on how to take them and also lifesaving injections have been given over the years together with being able to give advice to patients from a wide range of community platforms (social media).


With all the aforementioned, it could be collated that Boots UK, stands out to be one of the best healthcare and beauty companies in the world today, and would do anything to cement their stand at the top. Giving their diligence, and how well they are marketed online, I don’t see them ever moving below this standard they have set for themselves.

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