Big basket Offers And Provides Your Daily Necessities With over 19,000 Products

Big basket is India’s leading online grocery marketplace. It is the most convenient and easiest way to shop for your groceries without going through the burden and stress of carrying foodstuffs or provisions about. Men and women with the all-day-busy schedule can now suitably shop for their groceries from any location and can also sell high-quality stuff through this online platform.

big basket

Big basket online shopping is an online one-stop grocery store that allows you to skip the process of loading carts at supermarkets. Shopping on this site also permits you to say ‘NO’ to long queues at billing counters and strenuous shuttles. Our online elaborate supermarket offers you a wide range of groceries, fruits, vegetables, meat and other household products.

With Big basket, you are assured of getting fresh farm produce and durable groceries.  That means, the fear of buying spoilt and expired foodstuffs and provisions had been abolished. is the easiest way to do your grocery shopping. Just by relaxing at the comfort of your home or office, you can shop and get products delivered straight to your home.

Our multi-brand offerings across various categories are suitable to accommodate our discerning customers’ favourite brands.  If you are a first time customer you can access our best deals and offers.  Bigbasket spoils you with a choice from a range of brands such as Kelloggs, Nescafe, Nivea, Horlicks, Himalaya, Amul, Bisleri, Nutella Vim, Fresho, Lays and more from the expanding list of brands and products.

Bigbasket offers

Big basket Online grocery shopping has never been this easier, with big basket online shopping website displaying all your daily essentials.

  • Groceries; beverages, chocolate, sweet, cake, dry and fresh fruits, vegetables, and others
  • Food delivery; food, snacks, meat, pet food and more
  • Baby care; Baby diapers and wipes
  • Beauty
  • Gifts and flowers
  • Basic stationery supplies
  • Bed and bath
  • Home and garden materials
  • Home, Kitchen, and dining appliances
  • And lots of other personal and household provisions.

Big basket App

You don’t have to be a computer expert before you can start using big basket app. The Big basket App is very simple and accessible to order grocery online. With our online supermarket app, you are just a tap away from getting fresh produce, desired products in choice brands, kitchen and home needs and more.

  • Download and install the app on your Android or iOS
  • Scroll through all our special offers, new launches, and discounts.
  • Create your own account to keep track of items you wish to purchase.
  • Use our smart basket feature and discover the fastest way to shop for your favourite
  • You have the express delivery and standard delivery options to choose your ideal delivery time and date.
  • Browse through our free payment options which include, Cash on delivery, credit/debit cards or online wallet like PayU money.
  • You can easily order for your vegetables, fruits, beverages and household products

Bigbasket app guarantees you speedy and quality service and affords you more time in your life. So what are you waiting for; get the Big basket app now.

Bigbasket Guarantees

Big Basket online store makes the switch to online and shopping on the go simple for you. With over 19,000 products across 20 brands categories and with over 4 million customers all over India, we delight ourselves in offering you:

  • One-time guaranteed home delivery at timings convenient to you.
  • High-quality
  • Easy return policy, no questions asked.
  • A wide range of your favourite brands of product at the best affordable price.
  • Smart services like Express-delivery, to cover for urgent needs.
  • One-timed quality.
  • Available payment options to choose from; cashless/cash or e-wallet
  • Easy and secure payment gateways for processing your payments.
  • Discounts, bundle pack, and promotional offers.
  • Everyday products from our grocery and staples.
  • Imported and gourmet foods like tinned sardines and tuna
  • Home needs beyond groceries to include kitchen ware, cosmetics, as well as health and diet-specific
  • The stock of a wide range of cut and whole vegetables and fruits locally and globally.

Big basket online shopping site has all your daily and basic necessities. So you don’t have to think of going too far to get them. Visit our website or download our mobile app today to get started!

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