Best Buy Customer Service Phone Number and Contact Info

Best Buy Customer Service – Electrical gadgets, personal computers, smartphones, and other kinds of tech products bought from Best buy company may work fine for some time, but sooner or later they’re likely to have some kind of issue that you’ll need help from Best buy company to fix the issue.

Surprisingly, the BestBuy company designed a customer service team to help it’s users resolve issues related to the products they bought.

Best Buy Customer Service Phone Number and Contact Info

Trying to get help or support from Best Buy customer service can be difficult for some Best Buy users because they lack the knowledge of contacting a BestBuy customer service agent. If you fall under this category of people, then this article is for you.

In this article we’ll be discussing and how customers of the company can easily contact it’s customer service – grab a popcorn and enjoy reading the write-up.


BestBuy is an American multinational electronic retailer founded by Richard M.Schulze and James Wheeler in 1966. The company operates internationally in Canada and Mexico, and formerly in China until February 2011.

At, you can shop for your best electronic gadgets ranging from personal computer, cell phones, video games and other tech gadgets. BestBuy competition in the eyes of the it’s customers, are giant companies like Apple Inc.,, and

Reasons Customers Contact Best buy Customer Service

Many Best Buy customers contact the company’s customer service for some reasons, which includes;

  • Making a purchase from BestBuy company.
  • Returning an order.
  • Need geek squad support.
  • Disputing a charge.
  • Order not arrived to customer.
  • Reporting missing order.
  • Order arrived after my report about a missing order.
  • Check order status.
  • Questions about billing.
  • Inquire about the My BestBuy customer loyalty program.
  • Confirm delivery for tomorrow order.
  • Having a different issue entirely and wants to speak with a customer service agent.

Bestbuy.Com Customer Service Contact Info

You can contact best buy customer service by calling the BestBuy company phone numbers;

  • BestBuy toll free number
  • BestBuy corporate offices
  • BestBuy customer service
  • BestBuy product recalls  and safety alerts
  • BestBuy return and exchange.

To reach any of the above department kindly get there number from the Best buy contact us page base on the country you are.

Other easy ways to contact best buy customer service is through BestBuy social media – BestBuy Facebook page, BestBuy email address, BestBuy help desk, BestBuy Twitter handle and BestBuy live chats.

All BestBuy customer service numbers are available 24 hours, 7days to help resolve every of it’s customers issues.


We’ve looked up BestBuy, how it works, and it’s customer service, you probably know how to contact BestBuy customer service after reading this article. However it is good to know that BestBuy also goes with names –,, so don’t get confused when you see either of these names – you’re nothing close to being scammed.

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