Audible Gift Card | Buy Audible Gift Card Membership | Send an Audible Book as a Gift

Audible Gift Card – Audible is one of newest and popularly known platform dedicated to audio books. With an audible gift card, you can have access to over a thousand Audiobooks and more.

An Audible gift card is a prepaid gift card for purchase of audio books and entertainment contents. With an Audible gift card, you can listen to and download different audio books even if you switch devices you will not lose the contents.

Audible gift cards are highly secured with a 256-bit SSL encrypted code, which ensures that your personal information us private to you alone.

You can get audible gift cards from online stores like stores, Endless stores, PayPal, Wal-Mart, and many more sales outlets.

Before you can use Audible gift card, you must have a valid audible gift membership and also have a registered audible account.

audible gift card

Buy Audible Gift Card Membership

Audible gift card membership gives access to various audible channels and let’s you enjoy exciting benefits of an Audible gift membership. To purchase audible gift card membership, follow the process below;

  • Go to Audible gift center.
  • Choose the gift card membership of your choice.
  • Click gift membership.
  • Enter an information about the gift card.
  • Press the continue button.
  • Select a payment method.
  • Click continue again.
  • Click add to cart.

You have successfully purchased an audible gift card membership card and you can as well send the gift card membership to a friend or family member. When you send the gift card membership to a friend, the recipient will receive access to all audible gift card membership.

Audible Gift Card Membership Benefits

Here are some benefits of buying an audible gift card membership;

  • You get 30days free gift card membership, an Audiobook, and 2 audible originals to help you get started with audible.
  • After a trial, you will get 3 titles monthly.
  • Roll over any unused credits for 5months.
  • Gives easy exchange of Audiobooks.

Remember, to get started with Audible gift card, you must be a registered member of audible or

Send an Audible Book as a Gift

Give the gift of Audiobooks to friends and family for any occasion. Audible offers easy access to send Audiobooks to your friend and family.

Recently the Give As Gift tab in Audible stopped working but Audible is seriously working on it to ensure easy and secure sending of gift.

Audible updated its site and offered an alternative for gift giving to friends. Another means of giving Audible book as a gift is using the audible app. Here’s a guide on how to send an audible book as a gift using audible mobile application.

  • Firstly, you have to download and install Audible app to your device.
  • Visit your device App store or play store to download and install Audible app to your device.
  • Open the app in your device.
  • Go to my library.
  • Choose an Audiobook.
  • Click on the 3 icon menu to view the options.
  • Click on send this book.

Your friend will receive a link to the book which will appear as a message. The recipient will be required to log in to his/ her audible account and subscribe to be able to access the book.

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