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Applock App Download – I really don’t like the way my friends and even my siblings go through my phone and it’s app so easily, I have some contents which I like to be confidential to me alone but my nosy friends won’t just let my phone be. I just wish I can secure my phone apps.

A simple, effective and better way of securing your phones apps and files has been designed and it’s known as the Applock Application. You may think your phone is highly secured because you have a screen lock set up on your phone, but have you ever thought about locking the individual apps and settings on your phone? Because even with the ordinary screen lock people can access the app of your phone to know your deepest secrets.

Applock App Download Install   - App lock Download Apk  Free

What is Applock??  — AppLock is known to be a lite weight application that lets it’s users lock any type of applications and files on their Android phones. The Applock app is very easy to use and also very useful for online banking apps where you store your personal and financial details.

Applock app was developed by DO mobile with a total download of about a million and the app is available in over 20 different languages’s around the world.

With the Applock app, you can lock both system apps and third-party apps. The system apps includes; SMS, calls, and chats, while the third-party apps include; your WhatsApp app, Facebook app, twitter app, and the Instagram app.

Features Of The Applock App

The Applock app is a special and very intelligent app which allows you protect and keep your Android device safe from hackers. The Applock company never stops updating the apps features for better use of the app, some of it’s features includes;

  • Applock offers users two layers of security.
  • Let’s you keep your pictures and videos in a safe place that only you can open and view it.
  • Allows you lock and unlock your apps automatically.
  • Has the fake cover feature which helps to confuse an unauthorized users.

Just like it’s name implies, Applock is a simple way to lock every lockable app on your device.

Download And Install Applock App To Your Android Device

If you wish to download and install Applock app to your Android device, then read through the steps below to know the easiest way of downloading an Applock app to your Android phone.

  • Visit the Android Google playstore.
  • Use the search field to search for the Applock app.
  • Tap the Applock app icon and name from the related search results.
  • Click the green install button.
  • Wait for the app to download and install in your phone.
  • If you wish to open the app after download, simply tap the Applock app icon on your phone’s screen.
  • You’ll be directed to the Applock home page.

However, Applock app is an excellent tool for protecting your sensitive details. It’s latest version 2.9.0 was last updated on 19th Sept, 2019. Applock app is 100% safe and free from virus.

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