Apple’s Third Generation Design Air Pods Without Price Features

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Macrumors reports that 52 audio has shared a photo of what appears to be third-generation basic air pods. The rumored redesign of the standard air pods may have surfaced in the wild, the buds match with an Air pod pro-style in-ear design, complete with removable ear tip options, stem controls, and pressure equalizer to improve comfort the case might be a telltale clue, it’s not as wide as what you get with the air pods pro, but, it’s definitely wider than the tall case from the second generation.

Apple’s Third Generation Design Air Pods Without Price Features

The third-generation model might not support active noise cancellation like the pro, but has the capacity to last longer than the second generation and boast a new wireless chip.

52audio claimed it would be “highly probable” that active noise cancellation would be included on the upcoming air pods, due to the similar hardware inside.

These new Air pod could be released at the beginning of March if the rumors are accurate. Whether or not that happens, updates like this could be essential. 

It would enable Air pods buyers some of the Pro’s biggest advantages at a lower price, and to reignite interest for those who thought the current design was getting obsolete.

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