Best Apps Like Cash App for Sending and Receiving Money Or Even better

The Cash app is a very common and best choice of app for send and receiving money from friends. Well if you feel it’s not really too safe for you or the best, here are some other money transfer apps you can use in place of the cash app.

Do you want to quickly make a transfer to someone to someone you owe or receive from someone who is owing? Cash app is one very good app you can use to send or receive money but their verities of other apps you can use to send or receive money online or virtually.

Cash App Review:

The Cash App which was formally called the square app is most used to instantly transfer money to anyone in the UK or USA. So you can make use of any other method of payment if you are sending money abroad.

To make use of the cash app note that both and the receiver must be registered on the cash app system.

The cash app also can be used to get a free debit card and make purchases at brick-and-mortar Stores around you as well as withdraw cash from the ATM.

Cash App Transfer fee

The cash App is free to make a payment on like every other payment platform that charges you. You are only charged a 3% fee if you make use of your credit card for payment and a 1.5% charge for instant deposits.

You can Visit Google play store to Download the Cash App fro Android Devices.

Other Money Transfer App Like Cash App

Let some other Money transfer Apps like Cash App or even better than Cash App


 A lot of people mistake Venmo and Paypal to be the same system. Though it is quite correct the Paypal owner also owns the Venmo. But this does not make them the same as they both have a big difference and serves differently to a different individual.

The venom is actually free to use just like the cash app but also charges a 3% fee if you are paying singe a credit card. Also, withdrawal from your Venmo account is free but all get a charge of 1% fee from the transfer account if you are getting an instant transfer  


Paypal money transfer App has been in existence for decades now and has been operating majorly in all countries, though there some countries where their services are partially available but it has remained one of the most trustworthy means of money transfer.

The Paypal account set is completely free and only takes very few steps. The common challenge for some time now according to some user is a poor response in the customer service which mean if there is any form of issues you have to wait for a while before you get a response. You can operate your Paypal account either as an individual or as a business.

Paypal is also free to send or receive money except you are sending payment with a credit card, debit card, withdrawing money to a bank account or you want to pay for good/service. This is the same for Business Payment.


The Transfer wise is a UK company with its services available in over sixty countries. Sign up on this platform is totally free, they offer a multi-currency e-wallet and very reasonable fees.

The Transferwise sign up process is not always so easy but has a powerful user experience. Outside its usual money transfer service offered by tranferwise, you also use it to save money in different currencies, get debitCard and also send money to someone who does not have a tranferwise account.

On this app, the charges are dependent on the amount involved, the currency, and the country of residence. But be sure to get a breakdown of every charge before you sending. Visit the Google play store to Download the Tranferwise Apple.


The Payoneer is a very awesome payment service am sure you would love. It’s presently available in 200 countries. This company is doing all in its power to provide an excellent and reliable money transaction service for freelancers, businesses, and other professionals even while they offer normal peer-to-peer transactions.

Payoneer is a very comprehensive payment service provider as they offer features like currency conversion, multi-currency e-wallets, custom invoices, Prepaid cards, and payment requests.

Peer-to-peer payment on the Payoneer system is totally free except you are either withdrawing to a bank account, sending a payment request, or receiving payment from a marketplace. All these charges are dependent on the currency and Location.


The Paysend is a virtual money transfer app very similar to the Transferwise app in the sense that it all does the same peer-to-peer, business-to-business payments in different currencies. 

Paysend is currently available for receiving money in over 90 countries all over the world and 49 countries for sending. Before making use of this particular payment service, make sure you confirm it is available or works well in your country.

It is all free of charge except for when you are using card payment. It has an inbuilt calculator in the app that helps you calculate your charges to enable you to know how much you’re sending. Download Paysend App on the Google play store if you are sure it’s functional in your country and want to try it out.

Which of these Money Transfer App is most preferred

Well for me I will advise you to use either Cash App or Venmo if you do more personal money transfers but if you do more business payment Payoneer or PayPal should be the best for you. 

Finally, while you make your choice of app to transfer money or make payment also consider the country you are sending to as not all countries have full functionalities of these apps.

But if you also feel none of these transfer apps meet your standard, there so many other money transfer apps you can also make use of.  Thank you for your time as we guarantee to always keep you update with very useful feeds.

Have a great day… see you shortly.

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