Apple List The Device You Should Keep Away From Your Pacemaker

Apple has listed the products whose magnets could interfere with pacemakers and other medical services, not just the iPhone 12 that could cause havoc with peacemakers. The iPhone 12, MagSafe accessories, Airpods, Apple watch, Homepods, ipads, macs, and some beats offerings are just the products you should be concerned about.

Apple List The Device You Should Keep Away From Your Pacemaker

This is not completely shocking. Apple is fond of using magnets to create device lids, power commenters, and other convenient features. Apple is not the only company using magnets for tech products, but it is one of the biggest proponents.

However, the aforementioned product list makes it clear, you need to discuss with hike doctor or medical device maker before you purchase any new gadgets it could be very easy to purchase a phone or wearable that interfaces with a vital implant, at least it is utilized without care.

This isn’t to say these devices are dangerous but apple advised since they do contain magnets to avoid any potential interactions with these types of medical devices, keep your apple products away from your medical device.

However, the FDA advisory declared that the interference was considered to be low risk but then for a device like a pacemaker that controlled the heart it is important to keep away. It is not something you would want to play around with.

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