Buy What Ever You Need From And Enjoy their Uncommon Benefits – Amazon Online Shop Canada – Amazon believes that innovation is the sole power that can bring about any amount of changing the world needs, requires, will need, or expect to have.

Right from the creation of this world changing platform, the goal has been to strive to become Earth’s most customer-focused company. Amazon is steady looking for new ways to update their services on behalf of the vast community of customers they have.

These customers as we know ranges from:

  • Persons who shop globally
  • Merchants who sell on the Amazon platform
  • Developers who use their framework to create businesses of their own and
  • Creators (books, music, films, games, etc.) who sell through their websites

Which is why the unavoidable invention of came to play. This is as a result of having the urge to reach out to customers globally and locally.


The greatest contribution of Amazon to the good of the society comes directly from the core business activities that occur as a result of the class of customers the eCommerce site has. International selling on its own is one of the best ways online businesses in the U.S. increase revenue and grow customer base.

Since amazon is an American company that is based in Seattle Washington and was founded on July 5, 1994 by Jeff Bezos, they also seem to fall under the category of “online businesses in the U.S.”. That means they also want to “increase revenue and grow customer base “.

While having in mind that one of the most popular place for international trade is Canada and Canada’s closeness to the U.S., Amazon took an opportunity to make a perfect stepping stone into international trading.

Benefits of

Before Amazon expanded into this new market, they understood the different variety of benefits its popular marketplace will impact on the company’s business. These impacts include:

Mobile Usage: According to an American media measurement and analytics company (Comscore), Canadians spend most of their time online through a mobile device. The measure was around 49% of time that will be split between social media, gaming and instant messaging, while retail activities and purchases still happen.

Ecommerce Upsale: The Canadian eCommerce market so far has gotten a large boost from since they have like 7% of Canadian e-commerce sales. A sum of say five million shoppers every month to its Canadian based website with expectations of tripling their revenue over the coming years.

Abandoned Carts: Even though the lack of a clear return policy has brought about 34% of abandoned shopping carts by Canadian merchants, according to Misko Kancko (the director of international strategy for Canada Post). It still hasn’t brought about any form of restrictions on sale perspective.

Zone-Based Pricing: Shipping rates are determined by the U.S. origin ZIP code and Canadian destination postal code and this opposes the initial different destinations and shipping origin packages going for the same shipping cost.

These are to mention but a few… It is a smart scaling strategy for Amazon to open up their online business for international markets sales.

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