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XE money transfer app – Even though online currency transfer providers are somewhat new to the scene, the need to transfer money is not new. In the past transferring money across countries simply mean – you have to visit a bank and request a money transfer.

XE money transfer has been part of currency exchange for over 15years now, the service is part of the Euronet worldwide group, a very large international financial service.

XE Money Transfer App

XE transfer Review

XE can help you transfer money to about 170 countries in 65+ currencies, the brand doesn’t charge transfer fees rather it makes its margin from exchange rates. This means you can transfer large amounts of money without spending a dime on fees.

Almost anyone can use the XE money transfer, from an individual to businesses whether you want to make a transfer to a client every month.

XE offers business solutions that helps businesses that ho are involved in transferring money.

Interesting, when it comes to receiving money on XE the receiver does not have to have an XE account. The money is sent straight to your bank account.

Setting up an XE account online is very easy – you can easily set up an account online and make transfer transactions using the XE secure online platform or by contacting XE customers service.

Features of XE Money Transfer App

XE features a great online platform that is easy to navigate. Here are some of it’s features;

  • Offers low fees.
  • Know for the most accurate currency exchange calculator
  • Provides an array of transfer services.
  • Have reasonable transfer limits.
  • Easy usage around the globe.
  • Offers 24/7 customer support service.

Although XE does not offer cash pickup, it can be linked to a bank, a debit card and a credit card. There will be a service charge on the credit card from your credit card provider.

XE Money Transfer App

The XE money transfer mobile app is a mobile application that allows you to send money to and from abroad, the app is free to download for  Android and iOS users.

On Google playstore, the app has over 85000 reviews and 5000 reviews on Appstore. Funny enough, there are no restrictions for downloading the XE money transfer app.

XE Money Transfer App Download

  • Open your Google playstore.
  • Tap the search bar.
  • Type in XE money transfer app
  • The app icon appears, tap on it.
  • Click the green install button.

In a few minutes, the app will be downloaded and installed to your mobile device. This process applies to Android users only.

People are connected in the world of the internet, so I can say that money transfer apps are a good idea and option when it comes to transferring money go and from abroad.

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