How To Make Payments On is dedicated to sports and sport-related accessories. They offer the sales of shoes /trainers for both men and women. A section for kids is also available on its enticing platform breeding with beautiful pictures of the particular product named there.

On clicking on the products, there follow a short description of the product to be bought written alongside the prices. On, sports is their passion, and they are driven to the sales of only sporting wears.

Recently, the Cr7 boots where introduced to their lists of products, showing the caliber of brands on the website. Other major brands sold there include the Adidas, Nike and so on. Apart from footwear that has been mentioned since. It should be noted that they also deal on fashion sport wears for both men, women and children of all ages, they sell track suits, jerseys etc.

How To Make An Order On

When goods are added to the virtual cart on the web page,  it is required that online orders should follow suit, which should include giving notifications by clicking on products, showing all products needed, or a specific amount of a particular product needed.

Often, questions are asked if there are limits to which a particular product can be ordered for. i.e. Can a product be ordered multiple times?  The answer is a bold yes. The only time customers get notifications about not being able to add multiples of a particular product the cart is when the company is running out of that particular stock, and wouldn’t want to keep other customers stranded. In the future although, maximum limits could be given to the way each product can be added multiple times.

After adding these products to the virtual cart, you can click on ‘continue securely’, which will take you to a page where you will input your delivery address and your billing process. After all these, you are ready to take the next step, which is MAKING OF PAYMENTS.

How To Make Payments On

It is necessary to know the various acceptable means of payments on Payments made on this website is secure, and they accept cards like

  1. Mastercards
  2. Visa cards
  3. Visa Debit
  4. Visa Electron
  5. American Express
  6. Paypal
  7. Gift cards

After being made to choose from the above list, you are then taken to a secure page where you are asked to put in your card details. After that, you are good to go. On using PayPal, transactions could be canceled when customers try to pay in other distinct currencies apart from the approved ones.

Meanwhile, gift cards can be used to collect products as a means of payment. The products available for a gift card depends on the worth of the gift card.  If it should be the case that a lowly priced product is bought with a gift card that worth more than the product, no refunds would be made, rather the value remaining will be left for you on your account with them.

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