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Worldremit Tracking – Worldremit Tracking App/ Track Worldremit Transfer-Transactions – If you’re conversant with money transfer platforms, you’d have noticed that not all of these platforms provides it’s users a simple tracking feature for them to keep track of their Worldremit transactions.

Worldremit money transfer service is one of the top leading money transfer platform. It’s not just know for it’s convenient and easy to use feature, the service also provides a simple tracking service that enables users keep track of their money transfer transactions.

In this article, we will take a close look at the Worldremit tracking service and the Worldremit tracking mobile app, sit tight and enjoy reading.

Worldremit Tracking

About Worldremit Money Transfer

Worldremit is an online money transfer service that allows people to send money to their family and friends abroad. The company was created in 2010 by a Somali Migrant Ismail Ahmed while studying at University in London. He discovered the opportunity to make money transfers cheaper and improve the experience of sending money abroad.

If eventually a friend or family member abroad sends you a Worldremit money transfer and you are yet to claim it, maybe you want to know the status of the transfer and why it hasn’t reached your destination, the Worldremit tracking all is the right app for you.

Let’s dive into the Worldremit tacking app.

Worldremit Tracking App – What You Need To Know

Sometime last year 2020, the Worldremit company launched the Worldremit tracker mobile app, this mobile app is free to download through iOS Appstore or Android Google playstore.

This app has a track my money feature, which allows recipients to see exactly where their funds are in real time.

Through developing the transfer tracker all, we hope to empower receivers of money transfers so that they can access and keep track of their funds as conveniently and as safely as possible—said Stephen Lovell, C.P.O Worldremit company.

Track Worldremit Transfer Transactions

One advantage of the Worldremit tracking services is that it allows you to know the destination of your money, you will always get an SMS or text whether you’re sending or receiving money via the Worldremit transfer service.

Worldremit do not only send SMS or text, but also sends an email with regards to your money transfer transactions to your email address. That is why it is very important to always cross-check your details (email, and phone number) and make sure they are correct because they aid easy Worldremit tracking.

In conclusion,

The Worldremit money transfer service is working tirelessly to increase transparency and support users by providing them with easy access to transfer tracking tools.

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