WhatsApp Status Saver App | Status Saver for WhatsApp for Android Download

WhatsApp Status Saver App or Status Saver for WhatsApp is designed to help WhatsApp users, save status, videos photos, text and GIF pictures that disappear after 24 hours.

WhatsApp users, can now save a friends status that they love, either to save for repost or reference.

With Status Saver for WhatsApp, users can save photos and videos from WhatsApp statuses. Photos and videos you save on your device can be reposted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as well as on other social networks. Users do not need to login, to have access to the app.

whatsapp status saver app

WhatsApp Status Saver App Features | Status Downloader for Whatsapp

WhatsApp Status Saver app is designed with the following unique features;

  • It is designed with a feature, which helps you; Multi Save, Delete, Repost/Share, Delete
  • WhatsApp status saver app helps you easily report, even without saving
  • Convenient easy, and fast saving
  • There’s a built-in Image Viewer and Video Player
  • It is also easy to navigate.
  • No ads to bother about
  • You can still view saved stories and status, even after 24 hours
  • User-friendly interface
  • Seen status, auto updates in the status saver app
  • Designed with an inbuilt media player, for playing videos

Status Saver for WhatsApp shows you Status from 5 different apps/environments. These environments include;

  • Normal statuses
  • B statuses
  • Business statuses
  • Normal statuses from parallel space
  • Normal statuses from parallel space lite.

How to Download WhatsApp Status Saver App | Download Status Saver for WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp status saver app is free for download. To download the Status Saver for WhatsApp, use this guide;

  • Navigate to Google Play Store, for Android users, to download and install the WhatsApp status saver app
  • iOS users can get WhatsApp status saver app from the App Store.

How to Use Status Saver for WhatsApp

Once, you get the WhatsApp status saver app on your device;

  • Go thru, and locate any status/story, you’d love to save. Once you find it,
  • Tap open status saver, tap on any image or video, to view. Once you confirm it is what you’d love to save,
  • Tap the “Save” button, to get it saved on your device


  • Scroll thru, and locate the status/story you want
  • Next, hold on a status, to enable multi-selection
  • Thereafter, choose “Save” from the Toolbar Menu.

Status Saver for WhatsApp keeps the best status memory alive, by enabling you to save and savor those best status moments you’ve had, as well as your favorite videos and photos to keep your memories alive.

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