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WhatsApp security safeguards your accounts from being hacked.

WhatsApp has become one of the popular cross reference platforms. which plays host to millions of users worldwide. This is has become imperative, that users on this platform get secured as they engage in chats and call on this platform.

WhatsApp security, keeps your chats save, and exempts you from any surprise of account hack. Once your account is hacked, other people may have access to your WhatsApp chats, thereby knowing everything about you.

To avoid your WhatsApp account being compromised, there are some WhatsApp security measures, that have been put in place, for users to use to safeguard their account.

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How To Boost WhatsApp Security

WhatsApp users can boost their WhatsApp security, to safeguard their account using the following method;

How To Enable Two-Step Verification on Whatsapp

To boost WhatsApp security, users can activate a two-step verification, to add an extra layer of security to their account, do this;

  • Scroll to Settings > Account > Two-Step Verification > Activate
  • Go thru the steps required, to create a six-digit PIN code, that you can easily recall. You also have the access to add an email address, that will receive the code in case you can’t recall it.
  • Once this is done, you’ll see locks at random intervals, that can be deactivated once you key in the PIN. Once this is done, anytime someone steals your mobile, they won’t have access to your WhatsApp.

Get a good lock code

Once you have a good lock code in place, anytime your mobile is stolen, the person in possession with your phone, won’t be able to unlock it.

Activate Whatsapp Security Notifications

Notifications can be activated, to alert you each time a code has changed. Here’s how to do this;

  • Scroll to Settings > Account > Security. You can also ask your contact to do same to ensure 100% coverage.

Verify Security Codes

Once you initiate a new chat with a contact, a security is created, as long as you both have the same code, you can be rest assured, that your conversations will be secured. Thus, no third party will have access to your account

Use WhatsApp Privacy Section

Use WhatsApp privacy section, to disable the last time you checked in, to keep people in the dark as regards the last time you were online. To do this;

  • Scroll to Settings > Account > Privacy

Get Official WhatsApp Web App | web.whatsapp.com

To guarantee security, it is advised, that you use the official WhatsApp web app.

The above-mentioned steps are not the only ways you can safeguard your WhatsApp account. There are a variety of other methods open to users. But we believe with the following steps, you can beef up your WhatsApp security.

WhatsApp security helps keep your WhatsApp account safe from being compromised or re-activated third parties, thus ensuring your confidentiality and safety.

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