What Is Apple Wallet and How Do You Use It: A Guide to Set it up

Apple wallet allows you to trade physical cards for digital ones using apple pay. In 2012 Apple released apple passbook, a designed wallet app where iPhone users can store anything, they can put I their physical passbook.  However, people and businesses were not ready to go digital unlike now.

Apple wallet is in of the apps we have on our device but only a few people use it. Apple wallet has become a significant part of Apple ecosystems.

What Is Apple Wallet and How Do You Use It

Apple pay was launched in 2014, apple pay is the foundation of contactless transactions in all apple devices. It supports primary credit cards like visa, MasterCard, and America express.

Apple users got a taste of how convenient to go digital, credit card providers can go digital without having their own app.

When the iOS 9 was launched in 2015, apple passbook changes its name to apple wallet the app also began to support various display such as Aztec, PDF, and barcodes. Since then, apple has expanded strategic partnerships with universities, car manufacturers, and other apps.

Recently, Apple wallet allow you to store coupon codes, boarding passes, IDs, tickets, keys, and credit cards in one app and you can easily share these with other apple wallet users.

Apple wallet works on iphone6, iPad mini-3, iPad pro, Apple watch 3, and all later release apple device and apple watches

How to use Apple wallet

  • Set up apple wallet on your apple device to make secure purchase (you can add over 12 cards & eight for older device)
  • Integrate your school IDs
  • Add your car keys (compatible with various BMW models) available for iPhone X series and other latest released. Ensure to use your car manufacturer app to a pair with device to successfully add your car key

Make the most out of Apple wallet today.

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