What Do You Consider Before Choosing a P2p Bitcoin Exchange Platform – With the advancement of the cryptocurrency world, the market is experiencing remarkable growth both in value and user base the present growth can be associated with define adoption, Ethereum shifting from evidence of work to evidence of stake, and the investments and talks of large players like Morgan Stanley, MasterCard, JP Morgan, PayPal, and musk declared an investment of $1.5 billion in bitcoin.

 If you understand the workings of the crypto market, then you will agree that fundamental analysis is significant in cryptocurrency market. At the very behind of the year, BTC has a record of 60% growth and has gone below $30k ever since then. This means that lots of people are willing and ready to purchase bitcoin either for long or short period.


However, it is quite important for you to be conscious in choosing the platform you use in transactions so as not to lose hard earn money on crypto, because not all platform is reliable.

Here are few things to consider before selecting a p2p bitcoin exchange platform:

Cryptocurrencies support

There are over six thousand cryptocurrencies in the coin market. However, any platform that doesn’t bitcoin, Ethereum, cardano, and lite coin, and ripple should not be considered the aforementioned coins are highly demanded coins in the market.

Payment flexibility

The best p2p platform support widely used payments options and also includes as many as possible payment payment one of the most significant features of p2p trading platforms is the flexibility that accompany the payments options. Both local and International potions are often included.


Before selecting a specific p2p platform for trading ensure it’s has a section where you can easily access buyers or sellers trading history, reviews, numbers of trades, and average rating. Doing this will grant you insight to know who you are dealing with

How do they handle conflicts?

  • Do they have a live customer support system?
  • How is their customer service?
  • Do they have a legit and responsive social media page?

These questions should assist you in making the right choice

Geographical boundaries?

Does the platform support countries like Vietnam, Nigeria, US, Malaysia, South Africa and Venezuela where cryptocurrency is a high demand?

Platform charges and rates

You will want or gain insight on what happens when your male deposit or withdrawal. Some platforms have fixed rates, while others are based on percentage

What Is the Platform Security Measures?

To avoid lost and prevent hackers or internet fraudsters from accessing your investments, bank and personal details ensure their security system is solid.

One of the main p2p exchanges that respond to all aforementioned is remitano.

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