What Are the Dangers of TikTok? is TikTok Safe 2021?

We all know the internet has got it’s own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s check out the bad side of Tiktok and how it endangers our personal privacy. Tiktok helps out in keeping you posted with the latest news, keeps you entertain, it gives you a chance to know more about the latest mems, trends, and more.

Rumore has it that Tiktok violates privacy and security issues to the extent of getting banned in India and also by the US Army and Navy with several accusations of national security threats. Now let’s find out if it’s actually dangerous for people’s privacy and security.

What Are the Dangers of TikTok? is TikTok Safe 2021?

Why Is TikTok Dangerous?

TikTok is a social media app that gives users the chance to creat, share and discover short videos. It’s also a medium whereby talented people tend to show their skills and get paid by fans through stickers, gifts, diamonds etc that’s converted to dollars. Just as other Social Media have requirements which their users have to give, Tiktok has got its own too.

However, TikTok has been accused of taking things a bit too far which leads to serious security and privacy risks to its users. That action leads to the private companies and US government departments prohibiting their workers from installing nor using the app on their work devices. Amazon was actually one of the first companies to stop their employees but later withdrew back on their decision. The financial services company, Wells Fargo didn’t.

What Are the Dangers of TikTok

The dangers of Tiktok for the average users are:

1. TikTok Collects a Lot of Data:

This shouldn’t bother you except you’re the ” mind your space person” or “I like my privacy so don’t push it” kind of guy or lady. Tiktok on the other hand doesn’t halt at gathering your preference by tracking what type of content you like and share on the App, with its privacy policy that already states that “information you provide in the context of composing, sending or receiving messages” hope you took note of the word “Composing” Tiktok also takes advantage of every access permission you give it, it collects information about your phone’s model, screen resolution, current OS, Phone number, email address, location, and even contact list.

TikTok keeps users data in the US and Singapore, but for the fact that it’s owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, they are required by law to submit user data if asked.

However, there’s been no actual evidence of Tiktok sharing data at it’s core, Tiktok is a ticking time bomb.

2. TikTok’s Littered With Security Vulnerabilities

The app’s security hasn’t been one to boast about over the past few years. It’s been vulnerable and for the fact that it’s got access to a lot of people’s personal information, it became the Favorite route for many hackers.

   All the hackers have got to do is:

~ Send users a text message that allows them access their accounts.

~ The could manipulate users feeds and plant not requested contents that might mislead or disturb users especially to young Tiktok users. This happens because Tiktok uses an insecure HTTP connection to send videos HTTPS.

3. Who Else Uses Data From TikTok?

For the fact that Tiktok is a video sharing platform that also shares audio on its platform, users data aren’t save no more because it can be accessed by outsiders.

Tiktok has got hundreds of video that are uploaded by users which is actually a gold mine for artificial intelligence and machine learning development. This isn’t so good.

Asides from it’s facial recognition and deep fake algorithms (with aren’t a serious threat), the lots and lots of high- quality data used for training, the future could be miserable for users too.

4. Long-Term Repercussions of TikTok

Most of us make use of Tiktok al lot. Both the consumers (does that just watch, stream and poof their out) and the content creators (does that help in make Tiktok fun and bubbly). They are all liable to risks i.e. physical attack and stalking.

In the nearest feature as a user of the Tiktok app, you could actually get held back or even miss an opportunity of a job or service that requires a really low profile of your identity i.e a high profile government occupation etc.

We’ve Got to Be Careful of What We Share

Tiktok is an amazing app but it’s got its own setback especially when it comes to privacy and security. This app is literally transparent considering it on the internet and the internet isn’t the right choice of place to play hide and seek. So “Yes”, Tiktok is dangerous to Personal Privacy and Security.

Here’s a tip “Share less important stuff and view more”. Have fun with this app though don’t forget we’re having fun with wisdom. Enjoy Tiktok.

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