Wear OS: Google Will Launch Third-Party Tiles for Wear OS This Spring

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This newly upgraded app will definitely step up the Wear OS and make it more unique, helpful and utilitarian.

There’s going to be a new development on the Wear OS. Google is making swipeable Tiles in it’s Wear OS wearable operating system to third-party developers, alongside a supporting firmware update planned to be out by Spring.

Google Will Launch Third-Party Tiles for Wear OS This Spring

Possible Features Accompanied with the Third-Party Tiles

There’s more to the Third Party Tiles. Google announced on the official Android Developers Blog that the Jetpack Tikes Library is now available to the third party developers who tend to make custom Tiles for their Wear OS apps. There will be a software update ready by Spring which will have Plumbing work to support the third party Tiles developed for the operating system.

“These custom Tiles will become available to users later this Spring when we roll out the corresponding Wear OS platform update,” said Google.
 Google assigned Tiles in Wear OS in 2019 to give smartwatch users a way to know certain little pieces of information such as their fitness achievements, the latest news, weather update, calendar events, guided breathing sessions, and more.

How Tiles Work

The tiles app acts as a shortcut that heads straight to the important section in an app and app-specific data. Just a swipe left allows you to access Tiles in Wear OS.

According to Google:

“While apps can be immersive, Tiles are fast-loading and focus on the user’s immediate needs. If the user would like more information, Tiles can be tapped to open a related app on the watch or phone for a deeper experience”.

This app is offered by Google and some device manufacturers, restricting their usefulness. However, from Google’s confirmation, Wear OS customers will soon have a much wider set of options when third-party Tiles start arriving this spring.

The app hasn’t really been one of Google’s favorite in the past year or so. That aside, it’s pretty cool seeing it being actively scheduled and developed for the platform.

Once the Third Party Tiles that will be launched this spring is out, it’s really going to be an undeniably awesome feature indeed. Let’s wait till Spring.

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