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Western Union is the shoulder you can lean on when you want to send money as fast as possible. Once you send the money, your receiver can pick up the money at any participating Agent location in Nigeria. With Western Union, your money is generally available for pickup within minutes.

With Western Union, you can send money to almost anywhere in the world from just about everywhere in the world. Currently, with over 500,000 agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries and territories, millions of people now trust Western Union to send and receive money worldwide without stress.

Western Union is a safe and secure service even though scammers do take advantage of it also.

Western Union Online

How Western Union Works

Here is a simple breakdown of how this service operates. Just go into the location, write down the name and location of the person you want to send money to, and select how much you want to send.

After writing down the name of the receiver, Western Union will then assess a fee. Once you give Western Union the money and its assessed fee, the clerk will provide you with a control number.

Western Union Benefits

Wondering what you stand to gain with this platform? Let’s see some of them:

  • Send and receive money globally from Nigeria.
  • Customers can track their transfer to know where their money is and get notified when their receiver picks up the money.
  • You can choose how your recipient receives the money.
  • Transfer funds directly to a bank account with a few simple steps.
  • Send cash to agent locations worldwide for pickup in minutes. It’s that fast!
  • Transfer money directly to a mobile wallet in select countries.

How to Send Money Through Western Union

To send money through Western Union:

  • Choose a past receiver or key in your receiver’s name and address.
  • Link your checking account to your Western Union profile.
  • Confirm your bank account and complete your money transfer.
  • Search for a confirmation email from Western Union with a tracking number (MTCN).

How to Receive Money From Western Union

How to Pick Up Money

With Western Union, you can pick up money at any participating Agent location in the city selected by the sender. However, you have to ensure that you check the status of your money transfer using the MTCN number to be sure it is ready for pick up.

Let’s analyze it using these steps:

Visit an Agent Location

  • Use Western Union’s Agent locator to find a location that is close to you.
  • You can also visit it’s Agents in Nigeria page to get more details and phone numbers.

Complete the To Receive Money Form at the Agent Location

You are to complete the To Receive Money Form using printed capital letters.

  • Sender’s name
  • Where money was sent from
  • Test question and answer (if applicable)
  • MTCN if needed

Present ID and Form to the Agent Clerk

  • Your completed form
  • Your government issued ID (where applicable)

Receive the Money

  • The Agent clerk will check your ID
  • Sign the receipt
  • Collect your money

How to Receive Money with Western Union on your Mobile Phone

Western Union has made it such that you can receive money on your mobile phone with its mobile money transfer service.

Depending on the services offered by your mobile service provider, you can use the money in paying bills, purchase goods and services, purchase minutes and withdraw cash.

It’s quick, easy and very convenient for both you and your sender. All that is needed is a mobile wallet with a participating mobile service provider in your country.

  • Simply ask your sender to choose the receiver’s mobile wallet as their payout option and ensure they have your correct mobile number with country code.
  • You’ll be sent a text message after the money has been added to your wallet.

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