Wapdam – Free Download | Music, Videos, Games And Apps

Wapdam is a website where you can access music, games, videos, applications, mp3, files and so on. Its database contains so many games and music, hence its popularity among people especially when you prefer to download stuff easily and cheaply and with the fact that it creates different file choices for downloading and streaming.

You could choose whether to download or stream videos ranging from comedy skits, music videos, animations, how to do videos and so on. It’s like combining the services of Google play store and Youtube into one website, which would be very cool if Wapdam developed an application.

Wapdam - Free Download | Music, Videos, Games And Apps

Wapdam Review – www.wapdam.com

Over the years, this site lost its fame and popularity, people began to lose interest in the website due to the emergence of other websites offering the same services better and faster and it’s security issues made things worse.

The large number of advertisements logs and viruses on the website made visiting the website a sour experience and this greatly deterred people and users from visiting the website.

There were reports on how hackers use the website as an avenue to rob people of their personal and private information thereby deeming the website unsafe, this made web browsers and search engines stop people from visiting the website.

WWW.Wapdam.com decided to merge with Waptrick; another website like itself, to try to gain back its users. This created a new clean and safe platform for the website, and probably gained their fame back a little. Waptrick became one of Wapdam’s web address alternatives as well as Wapdam FM, Toxicwap and some other wap websites.

Waptrick and Wapdam FM are largely synonymous with Wapdam cause it does almost the same thing, just more effective at it, Toxicwap, although has just the same functions, is known mostly for TV series and movies.

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