Walmart Money Card: How To Register Your Walmart Money Card, Get and Activate Walmart Money Card

Walmart money card is allocated by green dot bank pursuant to a license from MasterCard International incorporated. This is a reloadable prepaid debit card that offers you cashback rewards on everyday purchases.

Walmart Money Card

The Walmart Money Card

You can use your Walmart money card, anywhere visa debit cards are validated. For example, the gas station, stores, hotels, airlines, rental car agencies, etc.

How does Walmart Money Card Work

The Walmart money card works like a credit card and you can set a limit on your financial expenses. The Walmart money card act as a more convenient way to pay, than cash.

Who is Eligible for Walmart Money Card

  • Those who are 18years of age and above can obtain the Walmart credit card.
  • No credit check and bank account needed
  • Those who are 16-17 can acquire one with the help of their guidance
  • You can have access to multiple cards for a single account and all fees and purchase will be drawn from that account

How To Obtain A Walmart Money Card

Those who wish to acquire one can request for it online by visiting the multinational retail company card site(Walmart once approved the card will be mailed within 7-10days. The Walmart money card can also be picked up at any checkout lane at the local Walmart store.

How To Activate And The Walmart Money Card

Here are a few guides on how to activate the Walmart money card:

  • Open the Walmart card activation page on your browser
  • Input the card number, expiry date(month and year)
  • Enter your private three digits security code,  four digits of SSN, card digits
  • Tap on the Next link.

Follow the instructions on the next page to activate your Walmart money card.

How To Register Your Walmart Money Card

  • Sign up for an online Walmart account
  • Log in to your account with your details
  • Tap on the Register New card, to register your money card
  • Enter your three-digit security code at the back of your card to activate.

Customers can reload the Walmart money card at any Walmart check out lane.

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