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Voot kids Apk – Download the voot kids for free access to books, cartoons, puzzles, and many more.

Voot kids apk is a new app for kids, it is quite engaging and it will keep children interested. If you want your kids to engage your kids with productive activities, then the Voot kids apk is for you.

Voot kids apk offer a 30-day free trial when you download the app for the very first time, don’t kids Apk makes learning fun for kids, the app is popular with its audio stories, games, video content, and ebooks for children.

Voot kids APK Download Free and Watch Kids -

You will find some amazing best-selling books on the Voot apk, the app is for a complete learning and entertainment experience for kids. Here are some of the interesting things your kids will enjoy on the Voot kids apk:

International and Indian shows

You can enjoy over 5,000 hours of Indian and international shows on the Voot kids apk, these shows have over 200 characters. You can also enjoy cartoons like Pokemon, Ben 10, kungAlice ina, barbie, me bean, shiva, and Dora the Explorer.

Different eBooks to improve your children vocabulary

Over 500 books for children can be accessed on the Voot kids apk and these books are written by top authors in the world, these books can help improve your children’s vocabulary. You will find books in different genres, specially curated books like Cinderella, sleeping beauty, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland, and many more.

Audio stories

You can find over 150 audio stories on the Voot kids apk Voot kids Apk. The stories are told in soothing and calm voices rest assure that your kids will love them. Audio stories on the Voot kids apk are princess and frog, snow white, the little mermaid, and many more. Download Voot kids apk so that your kids can have fun while learning.

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