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The Victoria’s Secret credit card score is the score required by the card issuer before you can be issued Victoria’s Secret credit card. This is important to note when you are applying for this card, because the credit limit on the card, largely depends on the applicant’s personal credit history.

Issued by Comenity bank, Victoria’s Secret credit card comes with its own terms and conditions like every other card out there. The card charges a hefty amount of interest. As of July 2019, the advertised annual percentage rate (APR) stood at 27.24%, a variable rate that fluctuates with the prime interest rate. The card charges no interest if a cardholder pays off the entire balance by the due date each month. The due date for payment is 25 days after each billing cycle.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Score

The Victoria’s Secret credit card comes in two designs. You can select your preferred card design that suits you from the option of two cards offered by Victoria’s Secret. You can either go for, The Victoria Card or The PINK Card, these cards come with the same great benefits in two card designs. Comenity bank is assigned to issue out Victoria’s Secret credit card.

For the Angel card, there’s no annual fee charge, however, there are charges for late and returned payments. Where a cardholder is making a late payment, there’s a fee of up to $39. Fees on returned payments on the other hand can go as high as $25. Note, however, that making a late payment can damage your credit score.

What You Need to Know About the Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

If you are thinking of applying for Victoria’s Secret credit card, there are few things you are to note as regards the eligibility requirements. This Victoria’s Secret credit card does not accept everybody. It only accepts those who are at least 18 years of age and those who have a valid government-issued photo ID. Those who intend to apply must be a resident of America and also have the U.S security number.

If you meet these requirements, you can apply. After you have applied  Comenity Bank will verify your personal information and obtain a copy of a consumer’s credit report when making its decision whether or not to extend credit to a potential cardholder.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Score

If you are trying to qualify for and own a credit card, qualifying for a store credit card is a lot easier to qualify for than general-use cards. Thus, since the Angel card does not really cost much to own and can be easily qualified for, you can take advantage of it. This will not only give you a credit card to enable you to enjoy and rack up points at Victoria’s Secret store but will also help you build your credit score.

First, you should know that Victoria’s Secret credit card reports to all three major credit bureaus, which are, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Now, this helps in improving your credit score, because your card activities get reported to the agencies regularly.

The credit score required to get Victoria’s Secret credit card is 640 or higher. This is considered to be fair credit. Even though some applicants have reported being approved for the card for credit scores lower than the scores stipulated above, it is strongly advised, that you have at least a fair credit, to ensure that you are qualified for the card.

Victoria’s Secret Credit Card Benefits

Being a cardmember will guarantee you some benefits in the following categories:

Cardmember Benefits

Benefits available for all categories

  • $1 spent, earns you 1 point (250 points = $10 reward)
  • Enjoy free shipping on a $50+ Victoria’s Secret credit card purchase
  • Free access to the one month perk  
  • Make your day special with Victoria’s Secret Birthday Treat.
  • Earn 3X points on all Bra purchases.

Silver & Gold Cardmember Benefit

  • Half-Birthday Treat

Silver & Gold Only

  • Anniversary Gift

Current Offer

40% – 70% OFF 3500+ Styles – Semi-Annual sale going on now!! So, if you want to apply for Victoria’s Secret credit card, you must ensure that you have at least a fair credit to start with. You can build it up from there as you use your card responsibly

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