Valentine Messages for Girlfriend | Best 2021 Valentine SMS

Valentine Messages for Girlfriend – As valentine’s day approaches, sending valentine messages to your girlfriend will go a long way to make that day memorable.

As we all know that ladies are moved with both written and spoken love messages.

Valentine Messages for Girlfriend

Valentine Messages for Girlfriend

Here are some valentine messages for girlfriend

  • A day without you by my side is a day without a sun, a night without a moon; a life without any meaning.
  • People say it’s hard for dreams to come true, but having with you in my life has proven this statement to be totally false. Happy Valentine’s day!
  • Come with your hair all messed up, I’ll cuddle you. Come with chocolate all over your lips, I kiss them off. Come with your silly jokes, I’ll laugh with you. Thanks for being my soul mate. Love you forever!
  • I keep considering myself to be the luckiest man and that’s because I have found the most precious jewel. It’s you, my heartbeat. You are the only one that looks good on me.
  • When we kiss, I can feel the excitement of the sky filled with fireworks on the fourth of July or being on a roller coaster or like. Happy Valentine’s Day, and thank you for making my life an amazing!
  • The way I stare at you when you sit in front of the mirror, your smile when you catch me unaware noticing you. These little things shows how much I love you more than any words can express.
  • The first time you touched me, I knew love touched me, and though the feeling excitement remains the same anytime you get close to me. The love for you get stronger with every passing moment.
  • Hotter than the sun, Warmer than a summer breeze, more beautiful than a flower, most importantly you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I cherish you. Happy Valentine’s day!
  • No other affection in my life could compare to the love we have. I’m enamored by your ravishing romance and tender touch. Happy Valentine’s Day to my amazing love!
  • The soft touch of those hands, the reassuring smile on those lips and the little ways in which you make me happy are what keeps me alive every day.

Romantic Valentine Messages for your Girlfriend

  • Falling in love feels like staring at the stars. When you pick one out of the millions and look at it long enough, all others melt away.
  • You are a refuge for my soul, a haven for my heart. The very reason I get out of bed every morning. I love you, happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Though I may have seen angels in the sky, though I may have seen snowfall in July, though I may have seen stars fall apart, yet I haven’t seen anything like you.
  • I wish I could be born a million times just so I can fall in love with you again and again.
  • This Valentine’s Day I desire your sweet kisses, your warm embrace, and the magic that binds our hearts together.
  • Every day I fix my eyes on you, I always find more reasons to love you so much more than words could express. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my cup cake.
  • You made me a better person and I cherish you more than love itself. Happy Valentine’s Day, my one and only.
  • My greatest happiness and joy is that I’m loved by someone as loving and caring as you are. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, princess.
  • That beautiful smile on that beautiful face of your is a reminder that our future will always be beautiful and adventurous. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my sweetheart.

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