4 Nice Valentine’s Day Date Idea: Val can Still be Fun even with COVID

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Valentine’s Day Date Idea – Love is in the air. Here are some virtual date valentine’s ideas if you’ve got to keep your romance virtual.

Love during a pandemic can be challenging and strained, last year valentine’s day, you and your date might have spent time together holding hands or sharing hugs but due to the current pandemic these acts are currently prohibited to ensure the safety of everyone.

4 Nice Valentine’s Day Date Idea: Val can Still be Fun even with COVID

Things are a bit different this year but that doesn’t limit you from spending quality time with your special ones if you are socially distanced from your special one and trying to come with something to do for valentine’s day is fun activities you can enjoy while remaining a social distance.

Watch A Concert Recording

You can find such content on YouTube, from bands and artist,  if you don’t want to commit to a whole long hours concert you could check out NPR’s Tiny desk concert for a shorter acts play.

Share a Virtual Dinner Or Drinks

You can stage a dinner or drinks over a video call, by ordering food or drinks for you and your date and delivering it to their doorsteps through a delivery service.

Play a Game Online Together

There plenty of games that allow you to share screen, specifically if you and your significant other enjoy playing video games. Games such as trivia murder party, animal crossing, are particularly suited for two players and allows you to share screen or you could go old school on a crossword puzzle together 

Virtual cards

You could also send a virtual Valentine’s Day card or love letter to your significant other through social media or taking the time to compose a nice and lovely message.

By now you must have garbed one of this ideas for you Val date. Enjoy while we update you with more Valentine news.

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