Unbelievable: Google Fi promo Slashes ‘Unlimited’ Price for the first three months

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Good Fi introduces an Unlimited price for some new Motorola phone to capture new customers.

The best option for wireless service is still Google’s MVNO, in case you have plans to switch then let me inform you that there is an added feature.

Google Fi promo Slashes 'Unlimited' price for the first three months

Google Fi is offering a 50% discount on the unlimited package with 480p Video streaming for the first 22 GB per person which will last for the first 3 months. You can decide to give Fi a try for $35per month as there are no contracts.

On the other side Google Fi is also adding three budget Motorola devices to its listing at comparatively discounted prices: Moto G Power ($199), Moto G Play ($199) and Motorola One 5G Ace ($279).

This offer will only last for a limited time, so any one who is adding a line can get free Motorla Phone with free Fi Bill Credit

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