Toyota is Dropping three Electrified Vehicles in the US this year 2021

Toyota has indicated that it’s launching three different electrified vehicles in the US this year. While the company did not mention the name of the models of vehicle it’s launching, it did say two of them are fully electric, while the other is a plug-in hybrid.

The automaker is also anticipating selling electrified Toyota and Lexus (its luxury brand) models around the world in the same year.

Toyota is Dropping three Electrified Vehicles in the US this year

In December, the company talked about a new electric EV around the size of a Rava 4 or a forester and is based on its upcoming e-TNGA platform, and will serve as the modular architecture for the electric vehicles in the European market this year, although the company never mentioned if that same vehicle is one of the three.

The company also shared some results from its internal research evaluating the environmental impact between a full electric and a plug in hybrid vehicle. 

The company discovered that the greenhouse gas emissions of the currently available full electrics and plug-in models are almost the same when you factor in pollutants created by electricity production, and the production of plug ins may even generate fewer greenhouse gases since they typically have smaller batteries

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