TikTok Releases New Immersive Music Effects: TikTok Adds New Music

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TikTok Releases New Immersive Music Effects – Sounds really good, doesn’t it? What better way could there be to supplement music-based videos than with interactive music effects being that TikTok is literally all about music.

TikTok’s New Effects Bring Music to Life

An announcement on the new Immersive was made in a post on the TikTok Newsroom. The first effect to be rolled out and shows an 80-esque design with a vibrant blue, pink and purple spacescape is the Music Visualizer. Regardless of being at the forefront of the video, you’ll get to capture the vibe of your music with the design’s pulsating effects.

TikTok Releases New Immersive Music Effects

The Music Machine has got another mind-blowing effect which is it actually let’s you assume the role of a role DJ. You’ll not only got an interactive BPM slider, but you’ll also get the chance to play around with various drumbeats and sounds effects.

Some other soon to be launched effects allows you apply rhythmic text; colorful moving backgrounds and a house of mirrors style look to your videos. All the effects have got their special purpose though they share the same quality i.e., each feature dynamic visual effects which movies according to the best of your music, now that’s really cool.  

You could actually check out a demo of the musical effects on the TikTok Newsroom’sTikTokpage.

More Ways to Get Creative on TikTok

Considering the fact that the Music Visualizer effect is available currently but others are yet to be released in the future. The effects will gain instant popularity among used since TikTok videos are so intertwined with music. Enjoy this latest feature TikTok has to offer.

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