What to Do After Payment on Thomascook

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Thomascook – With over 175 years of travelling experiences. Thomas cook agency has successfully catapulted itself to the top, amongst top agencies when it comes to traveling.

They are certified holidaymakers, and will definitely help you decide on where to go on your leisure time.

With a well-organized website WWW.Thomascook.com, it has been able to give its customers reasons to use their services.

Their hotel services are impeccable, and a customer gets to choose a room even before physically getting to the hotel. They have sections for trips designed specially for the whole family, then the ones for just married ones needing to relax and have romantic holidays.


Getting Your Passports And Visas Before Hand

Before embarking on any travel using Thomascook, it is compulsory that the customer possesses a valid passport and any other document deemed to be important for both the final destination or any other place branched during the travel.


  • For citizens of Britain having UK passports that have lasted 10years, and given to them in the UK. They should put it at the back of their mind that there are some countries who wouldn’t accept their passports. Unless they are going to remain valid even after the customers have made their holiday move into a new country. Most times, the minimum time given is 6 months, and it varies from country to country. But if you are making your travels within the EU, it is important to note that your validity of your present passport available stands for you.
  • Non-British Citizen persons that have their passports, or British citizens using their passports from the united kingdom, should go to consult the embassy for special advice.
  • If you are planning to make a renewal of your passport, or you are on the verge of submitting an application for a new one. It should be noted that you are to carry out those activities at least four weeks before the commencement of the journey. Same thing applies to 16year olds, as they should also apply before 6weeks to the period of travel.

What to Do After Payment on Thomascook

It is also interesting to know that after application and necessary payments to the online merchants through various payments method, MONEY TRAVEL CARD could be issued on request to customers.

These cards are known to work in all affiliated restaurants and hotels conjoined to thomascook traveling agency. These money cards are linked to the customers’ accounts and are made to be easily used during shopping and paying for services, as they can disburse cash in various currencies, depending on the country.

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