The iPhone 13 Battery life will be better than the iPhone 12

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Apple is intensifying the battery life for the next iPhone. The rumored change to the battery originates from a reliable analyst Ming chi Kuo. Analyst’s Kuo has been broken all sorts of Apple specs over the years, so when they say something there is an adequate chance that it will come to pass. Here is a direct quote from Kuo:

The iPhone 13 Battery life will be better than the iPhone 12

The new 2H21 ‌iPhone‌ models feature a larger battery capacity than the iPhone 12 series, thanks to the space-saving design of many components. Hence, the new 2H21 ‌iPhone‌ models are also slightly heavier than the ‌iPhone 12‌. The space-saving design includes integrating the SIM card slot with the mainboard, reducing the front optical modules’ thickness, etc.

Seems like Apple will make some space-saving design decisions that will allow the company to fit more batteries into the mobile device without forfeiting other elements of the device.

We recently heard a rumor that the company was planning to change the Face ID camera to plastic, which would go along with reducing the front optical modules thickness. Apple actually decreased the battery size for iPhone 12 models.

The iPhone12 models have batteries that are 295 Mah, 231 Mah, 282 mah, smaller than their predecessor. It’s quite exciting to see that the company is aiming for bigger batteries and reasonable battery life with the upcoming iPhone models though.

According to the report from Analyst kuo, the only downside Apple might face when increasing the battery size of the next iPhone models comes to the weight.

As a large quantity of Phone’s weight comes from the battery, improving the battery’s size will make the next iPhone models heavier, but that’s a tradeoff many users will likely be willing to accept.

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