The 5 Best Free Stock Trading Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Free Stock Trading Apps for Android and iPhone – Looking for the best free stock trading apps for Android and iPhone can really be a daunting task. With that being said, we have handpicked some great apps that can help you monitor the ups and downs of the market.

Best Free Stock Trading Apps for Android and iPhone

We present to you the 5 best free stock trading apps for Android and iPhone:


The mobile app from the popular site is a perfect way to track stocks around the world.

This app offers real-time quotes and charts for over 100,000 different stocks in over 70 different global markets. You can get info on bonds, commodities, exchange rates, interest rates, futures, options, and much more.

One of the amazing features of the application is its comprehensive economic calendar that provides an update on world economic events. Then you can see how these will affect specific markets and stocks.

You can also create and customize a specific portfolio to monitor stocks and more, such as bonds.

For each of the different actions traceable through the app, market watchers can receive customizable alerts for a specific price, percentage change, or volume. You can also set up alerts for an economic event or news analysis article.

2. Yahoo Finance

One of the best-known points on the Internet for obtaining financial information, the Yahoo Finance app is an excellent market resource. In addition to real-time stock market information, the app can track your personal wallets.

To track specific stocks, simply add them to a checklist for personalized quotes and company news. Turning your phone into landscape mode to view graphics on full screen, will provide more information about stocks and even allow you to compare different options.

The app provides info on world currencies, bonds, commodities, stocks, and markets. It also allows you to track over 100 different cryptocurrencies.

As a nice touch, all of your personal information can be synced across multiple devices

3. StockTwits

An interesting social app, StockTwits allows you to chat with other investors and traders to help you better assess the market and see where your stocks are going.

Along with a general market chat, there is an investor chat on each specific page.

A special list of trends shows specific actions of market watchers who are in the news, making moves up or down or popular with top investors and traders.

Along with a full section of cryptocurrencies, the app provides an updated earnings schedule so you can see stocks with upcoming earnings reports. StockTwits can also connect with renowned brokerage accounts like Robinhood, E-Trade, and Fidelity to trade directly from the app.

4. Real-time stock tracker

As you can imagine by the name, Real-Time Stocks Tracker does an excellent job of providing live stock information. In addition to the ability to create and track multiple watchlists and stock portfolios, the app supports all of the top brokers in the United States for trading.

Another great feature is the replacement scanner. You can enter a number of customizable variables including price, market capitalization, EPS, and many others to find the exact stock that appeals to your interest.

The app also supports a variety of customizable alerts. Users can also set the price of a specific share to display as an app badge.

If you want to learn how to become a better investor, there is a section dedicated to card trading. This will allow you to play the market without risking a penny.

5. Bloomberg

Bloomberg is an iconic name in the financial world. Its app is a perfect way to keep track of your stocks and keep you updated on everything related to the company.

You can create a portfolio with stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, currencies, and much more.

The app will provide alerts about your locations and other financial and economic news.

A widget displays featured articles, market data, and a summary of your watch list.

To better understand what is happening in the world, the application offers news from the markets and other sectors.

Alright, at this point, with few stock apps we have handpicked, you can now make an informed decision on the best free stock trading apps for Android and iPhone.

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