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Text now Apk – Download the recently launched version of text ow Apk latest version for Android devices for free and have unlimited access to free text and calls to your family and friends.

Ever since the invention of the telephone by alexander graham, technology has since then advanced. You call text anyone in the world virtually utilizing an airpod, blue tooth, and earpiece with the help of technology from your pocket or handbags.

Text now Apk

This enables you to communicate effectively to anyone regardless of their location. However, you may experience a little problem with recharging your aim carriers, it’s quite expensive especially when you want to make international calls.

How do you contact anyone without paying for ridiculous fees? Things are now easy with the help of text premium. This app has been downloaded by over 50 million times in google play store.

What is TextNow premium?

Technology has created a room for us to become a closer to each other with the help of technology, you can contact you love ones anywhere and anytime, unlike before when the means of communication was through letters which usually take a few months to get to your receiver

With textnow premium app you don’t need to pay outrageous amount to contact your love ones. TextNow allow it users to call and text anyone for free you can also obtain a virtual sim card for free

Features of text is premium app

Here are some amazing features in the textnow premium app;

Use without wifi

You can access the premium app for text and call without internet connection, you can use the app without wifi

Phone Number

You can generate an international number (united states & Canada). This allows you to contact your friends and family for free without paying a dime

Unlimited text and calls

You can send unlimited text and calls to anyone worldwide, you don’t need to own a sim car before achieving this, having the textnow app is equivalently to having a virtual sim carrier.

Low-cost international calling

You can make a call for as low as $0.01 per minute, they offer these calls to over two hundred a and thirty countries to anyone, anywhere even if the messenger app doesn’t function in their countries

You can send emojis, stickers, gifs, video chat and lots more, the textnow functions just like your carrier and messenger.

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