Tesla Slash Prices For Entry Level Model 3 And Model Y

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Tesla has slashed prices of entry-level model and model Y electric cars. A standard range plus model # is now selling for $36,990, while the standard range model Y has dropped more sharply to $39,990 which was previously $41,990.

Tesla Slash Prices For Entry Level Model 3 And Model Y

The American-based electric company is determined to keep its sales strong.  The company just made the model Y more accessible by launching the standard range last month.

The automaker company hasn’t explained its game plan and isn’t expected to comment, however, the master plan is very easy to detect, Tesla wants to keep increasing its deliveries, and lowering the base prices of its most affordable cars could further that goal.

It helps that Tesla fell just short of the 500,000 car delivery target for the last quarter of last year, and likely doesn’t want to disappoint this year.

The company might get some additional help. Inside EVs notes that the new president of the American administration’s GREEN act (Growing Renewable Energy and Efficiency Now) could enable federal incentives as high as $7,000 for a limited number of sales. This might be relatively insignificant to own a Tesla, at least so as the EV charging infrastructure is robust where you live.

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