Telegram Update | How to Update Telegram on Android or Pc

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Telegram update is a straightforward procedure, that can be done in minutes. Updating Telegram enables you to access cool new features that are hot and trending on the Telegram platform.

Telegram update enables you to catch in fast on new features and updates, which helps you stay current on what is trending. This app is a native app for every platform, that enables you to access it’s cool features and services once you perform your Telegram update.

telegram update

Once you update your Telegram, you are enabled, to enjoy the following;

Telegram Update Benefits

  • Private Telegram messages, which are heavily encrypted, and can self-destruct
  • A cloud-based service, which you can use to access your messages from multiple devices
  • Your messages get delivered faster, than on any other application
  • You enjoy the services of its servers, that are spread worldwide for security and speed
  • Gain access to its open API and protocol which is free for everyone
  • Your messages are kept safe from hacker attacks
  • No limits, on the size of your chats and media.

Once you perform your Telegram update, you can connect, from most remote locations, coordinate groups of up to 100000 members, synchronize your chats across all your devices, send documents of any type, encrypt personal and business secrets, destruct your messages with a timer, store your media in the cloud and enjoy feedback from your customers.

With Telegram update, you get an exclusive experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Looking at all these benefits offered, you can agree that you need to perform a Telegram update. Read on to know just how you can do it on Android and Mac or PC.

Telegram Update on Android

  • The first step is to tap open the play store on your Android
  • Next, search for Telegram, on the play store
  • As it appears, tap on the Telegram app in the search results
  • Click on “Update”.
  • Lastly, click on “Open”, once the update is complete. You’ve just updated your Telegram on Android.

Telegram Update on Mac or PC

  • The first step is to tap open Telegram on your PC or Mac
  • Next, you are to tap the three line icon
  • Tap the “ Settings” button
  • Look thru the box beside “Update automatically”, to locate the current version number
  • Tap, check for updates. In case, there’s a more recent version of Telegram available, an update will download and install. But if you already have the latest version, you will be sent a confirmation message.

You have just completed your update. You can go ahead, and make use of the latest version of Telegram.

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