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Telegram Plus, is an unofficial app, that is designed to use Telegram’s API. Telegram plus stands as a modified version of Telegram, which is decorated with extra features that were lacking in the official app.

telegram plus

This app is more like its parent app the “Telegram App” only that it comes with extra features than it’s parent app.

These features that it shares with its parent app includes speed, message accessibility, unlimited restriction on type and size of the file, secure protection with encryption, powerful video-sharing feature, ability to deliver messages in the minimum bytes possible, powerful photo and video editing tools, lean, clean and easy to use interface and privacy.

Telegram Plus, comes with lot’s of extra features apart from the ones mentioned above. These include;

Extra Features of Telegram Plus | Telegram Plus APK Download

  • Direct share on any chat feature
  • Offers option to use direct share, without quoting sender
  • Can show pone emojis
  • Saves files, using the original filename
  • Custom compression, when sharing videos, can be set
  • Option to make use of phone font
  • Offers option, to show own photo or user photo in chat bubbles
  • Shows Group admin in groups profile
  • You can discard proximity sensor changes when playing audio notes
  • Profile pics can be shown when clicking a photo in the main screen
  • Offers option, to show profile screen, when clicking photo in main screen
  • You can change wallpaper directly from chat screen
  • Change chat emoji view size
  • The option, to mute users or groups directly from the main screen, is offered
  • You can add member directly from chat screen.
  • Telegram plus can also be translated to many other languages, updated by plus community continuously.
  • Social: With this special feature, you can join the G+ community, to report bugs, share ideas, and get in touch with other Plus Messenger users.
  • Theming: This feature, enables user’s, change colors and sizes of objects, like texts, icons, headers, and also create their own theme. With this, you can also create your own theme, save it and easily share it with your friends. This feature also enables you database with more than 4000 different themes, which are updated every day, with all kinds of categories. These new themes are published every day, with notification sent with every new publication.

These are the extra features, that comes with Telegram plus, which makes it different from its parent app, as well as other apps.

Telegram plus, segments all your conversations, into multiple tabs, to enable easier navigation. With it, messages can be forwarded without quoting.

Get started on this fast, secure, and easy Telegram Plus platform, and benefit from all that it stands to offer.

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