Steps On How To Record Calls On Your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Device

How To Record Calls On Your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Device – The call recording feature is available on all Samsung Galaxy devices which simplifies the whole process.

This means you don’t need a third-party app to record calls on your Samsung Galaxy devices. Looking to record a call on your Galaxy device? Check out the guide below to know how to record calls effectively.

Steps On How To Record Calls On Your Samsung Galaxy Mobile Device

Before you start with the recording of calls on your devices, you should find out if it is legal to do so, in your country. In some countries, it is illegal to record calls without the consent of the other party and you could be penalized for this.

Don’t be surprised if your Galaxy device does not have the recording feature. Note that it is not possible to record VoWifi calls that is voice calls that happen over Wi-Fi also note that third-party call recording apps don’t work in Android 9 or above.

Any app that claims to work will require you to root your device which could void its warranty. If the call recording feature is not available on your galaxy device, you cannot access it by download it from play store.

How To Automatically Record Phone Calls Conversations On Your Galaxy Device

You can set your device to automatically record phone calls conversation, depending on what you want you can record calls from all contacts in your phone book, selected contacts, or only from unknown numbers. All you have to do is;

  • Open the phone app on your device
  • Tap the 3 dot overflow menu button on the top right corner Settings > Record calls.
  • Tap the auto-record call menu and enable the feature
  • Select the options that suit you best. (All calls, calls from unsaved numbers, or calls from specific numbers)

How To Manually Record Phone Calls On Your Galaxy Device

Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy fold are eligible for recording conversations manually. Here is how:

  • Open your phone app on your device. Call the contact whose call you want to record or accept the incoming call
  • Then, select the record call button to start recording, if the option does not pop up on your screen, tap the 3 dot menu button won’t the right then select the record option
  • The first time you use the ball recording feature, you will be urged to accept the terms and conditions.

The other party will not be informed when you try to record the call. You can access your recording calls by Navigating to Settings > Record calls > Recorded calls.

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