Spotify are Spiking things up with its new Live Lyrics Features

Spotify just started testing its live lyrics features in the US, as of this morning, the audio streaming and media service provider is testing a new feature that displays lyrics synced with your music in the United States.

The audio streaming and media service provider has said that its on-screen lyrics are among its most requested features from its users across the world.

Spotify are spiking things up with it new live lyrics features

 Spotify declined to comment on how many users will be able to access this new feature when available but state that it’s currently testing the lyrics feature and has made it available to a selected number of people in the US, to enable a smooth path when it’s officially released.

It’s also worth knowing that the audio streaming and media service provider “new” live lyrics which is enabled by musixmatch is not so new after all.

The company has been testing the feature for a while now and has made it official in 26 markets including but not limited to Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, hong kong, Thailand, and India sometime in 2020.

Not every test market automatically gain access to the feature. It also ran a similar test for the new feature in Canada before terminating it in June 2020 and the feature has never reappeared again.

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