Sony Will give away 10 FREE PlayStation Games this spring

Sony has entertained gamers through the pandemic with its play at Home scheme, and now things are getting better. The company has announced 10 more games entering the scheme on March 25, 2021, and you will be able to get every single one for free.

Sony affirmed the good news over on the PlayStation Blog. As the pandemic continues to circulate across the globe, Sony has been treating its users with free games to keep them indoors, safe, and entertained during this difficult period.

Sony Will give away 10 FREE PlayStation Games this spring

Check out this list of games that will become free of charge for a limited time, starting on March 25, 2021:

  • Abzu
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Rez infinite
  • Subnautica
  • The witness
  • Astro bot rescue mission
  • Moss
  • Thumper
  • Paper beast

The list only contains nine games, because the play-at-home scheme for spring will have a late rival, albeit a very welcome one. From next month, the critically celebrated Horizon zero Dawn will join the party and become free for a limited time. As such, if you own a modern PlayStation console, now is the perfect time to get in the game and snag some free titles while we battle the effects of the COVID19.

With Covid19 still around the corner, companies have been teaming together to keep people entertained during this tough period. Keep an eye on Sony during the spring 2021 period as games become unlimited for a period of the team.

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