Shocking!! iCloud allegedly locked out a user Because of her Last Name

Such kind of bug has rarely happened before

iCloud before now has had some service issue but not this kind as it this one was almost unbelievable.  An actor who is also an author named Rachel True said has been locked out of her iCloud account because of how her last name was spelled.

iCloud allegedly locked out a user Because of  her last name

It was reported that Mac mistook her last name “true” for the Boolean (true or false) flag and this resulted in the computer seizing up. According to her, this issue has lasted for the past 180 days.

According to “true,” she said she has taken most of her time trying to relate with the customer service and also paid for the services. She said she had an option to switch to the free tier but that could cause her to lose some of her online storage.

What does Apple have to say About this?

This is a very unusual issue if it works as it was described. Even though you share the last name True or false, it has to type in a unique way to generate such a problem. But this keeps us with no answer yet how MacOS mistook a  name in place of a soft wear flag. However, it does not seem to respond to direct commands – It is advisable to change your name if it is “rm fr” to leave you on the safe side.

I am still in shock wondering how this could be possible, let see how Apple tends to troubleshoot this

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