Revealed! Best iOS 14 Jailbreak Tweaks you Should try

Tweak are apps that you can’t install on your iPhone from the app store.

These tweaks are often used to bring features or customization options to your device like changing your homepage to be more like Android, where you can move icons easily. Here are the coolest tweaks worth trying.

Best iOS 14 Jailbreak Tweaks you should try
  • Flame

Flame allows you to customize the look of some cydia’s features. Cydia is the App store for tweaks, but its design hasn’t changed much since iOS. For those of you who like to add a clean and modern to your phone, this is the tweak for you.

  • Barmoji

Barmoji is a better option, for those who might have created emoji keyboard shortcuts so you can type your favorites more easily. Barmoji lets you pin frequently used emojis to the empty space below the keyboard, this makes them easily accessible without having to open the emoji keyboard.

  • Power module

The power module is another useful tweak. This tweak adds respring and restart options to the power menu and control center. It is a handy addition to the iOS UI, it is advisable to frequently respring your iPhone after installing new tweaks

  • Auto face unlock

With the auto face unlock, you never need to swipe up before you can open your device. Auto face unlocks allow you to unlock your iPhone using Face ID without needing to swipe first.

  • Jellyfish

Jellyfish tweak allows you to customize your lock screen, this feature hasn’t been possible before, with this tweak you can change elements of the lock screen, it lets you move them around and give them a modern style.

  • Shy labels

Shy labels let you configure app icon labels to fade after several seconds. This is valuable, as you can see the labels at first, but they then fade to give your iPhone a clean look. Every time you swipe to a new page, the labels reappear.

After installing some of the jailbreaker tweaks on your device, it’s time to start customizing your device. Tweaks transform your experience of using your iPhone to fit your style

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