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Payoneer card is a worldwide credit card, used for purchasing, and receiving payments online.

Payoneer offers a prepaid debit Mastercard card, that can be used to get money directly from many online platforms, like freelance job sites, affiliate programs, pay-per-click programs, and many more. Payoneer issues U.S. virtual bank accounts, to interested users, and these accounts are linked to the user’s cards. With this, cardholders can receive payments, from online platforms, that pay using the direct deposit (ACH) option

payoneer card

Payoneer users can receive their earnings from most online revenue programs.

Making use of the Payoneer card you can withdraw your earnings from most ATMs.

The Payoneer Mastercard is mostly used, to get payments, from international companies and freelancing websites.

Payoneer, has over 4 million users, on its digital financial institution platform, which offers internet money transfer and e-commerce payment services all across the globe. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of Mastercard Incorporated and is headquartered in New York City.

Benefits of Payoneer Card

  • Cardholders, get a free US Bank account, with routing number, and other required US bank details
  • Payoneer Mastercard is offered free of charge
  • Payoneer Mastercard can be used on any ATM globally
  • Offers a free $25 referral reward and other numerous perks.
  • A Payoneer card can be used to verify Paypal account
  • Does not charge for transactions online and in stores
  • Latest Chip and PIN technology for security enhancement
  • Funds can be withdrawn from, your card to your bank account
  • Available in 80 countries

Criteria To Apply for Payoneer Card | Payoneer Card Apply

Do you wish to apply for the Payoneer card? Then you must meet the following criteria before you can apply;

  • Type in your real details, which includes your First name, Last name
  • Type in your name, and Date of birth, according to your NIC, Passport or Driving Licence
  • Type in the date of birth based on your NIC, Passport, or Drivers Licence
  • Enter your mailing address, accurately, if this is different from your home address
  • Fill in your home address accurately
  • Enter your original phone or mobile number
  • Recall the security question and answer. This security question will be prompted when Payoneer Customer Service Center is contacted.

Get started on the application procedure of the Payoneer card today, and once your card is mailed to you, you can withdraw funds from any ATM machine, and also make purchases ( online and in-store) wherever Mastercard® is accepted in your local currency.

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