Pandora Gift Card | Where Can I buy a Pandora Gift Cards | Redeem Pandora Card

Pandora Gift Card – Are you looking for a customized and stylish gift to give to a friend or family member, worry no more Pandora U.S. is the right place to get latest jewelry collections including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.

With a Pandora gift card, you can purchase as many latest brands of jewelry as you like. Pandora gift cards are the special and digital gift card for anniversaries, wedding, birthdays, baby shower, and many more occasions.

Pandora has a large range of charming and unique accessories for every special occasion you want to attend.

Where Can I buy a Pandora Gift Card?

Yes, you can buy Pandora gift cards. Just like every order gift card, Pandora gift cards are convenient and reliable. Pandora gift card is shipped directly to the recipients and can be redeemed online at or at all participating Pandora stores.

pandora gift card

How To Buy Pandora gift card

Pandora gift card cannot be purchased or redeemed in multibranded Pandora retail and wholesale shops. To buy a Pandora gift card for yourself follow the instructions below:

  • Visit
  • Choose a preset gift card amount from $10 to $500
  • Add your personal information – your name and email address.
  • Click add to bag.

Pandora gift cards remain valid 12 months starting on the date of purchase to the date of expiration. There’s no limit to how many Pandora gift cards one can buy.

How To Spend Pandora Gift Card

The Pandora gift cards can be spent in Pandora U.S stores. To find a Pandora the nearest U.S Pandora stores visit;

All items purchased with a Pandora gift card Are packaged in a Pandora signature gift box.

Give PANDORA Jewelry Gift Cards

Give the gift of style by emailing a Pandora egift card to a friend, lover, or enemy. To gift Pandora gift cards, follow the steps below:

  • Visit
  • Click Pandora egift card.
  • Select gift card amount from $25.00 to $500.00.
  • Choose the quantity of egift card you wish to send.
  • Add your name.
  • Add recipients name and email address.
  • Confirm recipients email.
  • Enter a gift note in the egift card.
  • Click add to bag.

Pandora offers a 3day shipping on every Pandora egift card order, the shipping is free and has no restrictions attached to it.

The recipient receives an email with the gift card number and security pin. With the Pandora eGift card number and pin, the recipient can purchase assorted brands of jewellery from

Pandora gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash and as such cannot be returned after purchase.

How long does it take for Pandora eGift Card to be Delivered?

Pandora egift cards are sent via email to your recipient, if the order is placed during a working day then the recipient receives the gift within some minutes after purchase.

Claim a Pandora gift card | Redeem Gift Card 

You can claim a Pandora eGift card sent to you via email at;

  • Call Pandora jewellery customer care service 1-844-467-1333.
  • All participating Pandora stores.

If a Pandora gift card is lost or damaged, a fee of $2 will be charged to the cardholder.

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