No Plans For Valentines? Do These For Your Self Instead

Valentine’s day adds to the list of big annual events that are not the same in this pandemic, but that shouldn’t limit you to not having a good time, traditional outings like, dinner, and going to the movies are pretty much off the table.

No Plans For Valentines? Do These For Your Self Instead

Instead, treat yourself to something special, here are some items you can gift yourself from to make it a memorable one.

Oculus quest2

VR for one

The Oculus Quest is an insanely great VR headset, one that requires no tethering to a pc and gives you an awesome experience. Become the virtual hero of star wars hero by climbing mountains, painting using a 3D canvas, and also get fit in a simulated boxing class.  Get the oculus quest for $299 at amazon.

Soundcore Q30 ANC headphones

Audio for one 

The soundcore Q30 is a popular and highly rated headphone, offering a great sound and lots of attractive features at an affordable price of $80 on amazon

Coffee Gator pour over carafe

Java for one

It’s time to step up your coffee game, with a coffee carafe. Scoop some grounds into the reusable steel filter, pour hot water on the top and presto. You can get the coffee garator for $21 on amazon.

Box one

Escape room for one

The tabletop game was designed for a single player, this room comes in a box designed by Neil Patrick Harris and it’s a really fun game, selling for $30 at target.

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