Nintendo Gift Card | Where to Buy Nintendo Gift Cards and Redeem

Nintendo gift card is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to play online games, with a Nintendo gift card you get the games you want at anytime you want them.

Nintendo is one of the worlds largest multinational video game company founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi in the year 1889, September 23rd. They offers its users adventure games like: mystical ninjas, deadly arts, forsaken, soccer3, knife Edge, Box Champion, Tour Golf, Lylat Wars, Puzzle, and many more.

nintendo gift cards

About Nintendo Gift Card

In buying, redeeming, and using a the card, there are few things you need to know about this card to enable you enjoy the wonderful and exciting features of the card. Some of these facts are;

  • They are very easy and convenient to use.
  • No credit card required when purchasing the gift card.
  • The gift card balance are used only on Nintendo shop.
  • It is valid for use in U.S. only.
  • The gift cards are non releasable, refundable, and returnable.
  • There are no fees or charges associated with the gift card.

Where exactly can I Buy a Nintendo Gift Card?

You can buy the card at any of Nintendo authorised retailers in store. The authorised retailers in store includes; Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Family dollar, Kroger, PayPal, Safeway, ELEVEN, CVS pharmacy, Best buy, and Gamestop.

What denominations are Nintendo gift cards?

This gift cards are the ideal gift for every game lovers, the gift card varies from $10 to $50.

What are the steps to take when buying a Nintendo gift card at a retailers in store?

So many users keep asking this same question all the time, buying a Nintendo gift card from a retailers in store is not a pain and will never be a pain to you since am here. Stay cool while I take you on a ride on how to buy your Nintendo gift card from a retailers in store.

  • Visit HTTPS://
  • Scroll down and click any of the listed retailers you wish to buy for..
  • After opening the retailers website, click Nintendo shop cards.
  • Select your gift card design.
  • Select gift card amount.
  • Click add yo cart.
  • Click checkout.
  • Enter your shipping details.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • Click continue to payment information and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

After purchasing, the gift card and details will be sent to you immediately via email. The gift card details includes a gift card code, with which you can check your gift card balance and also buy varieties of games from Nintendo online.

Where can I Redeem a Nintendo Gift Card?

With over a thousand games, Nintendo gift cards are always the special gift card for every games. It is redeemable via the Nintendo shop at Nintendo 3Ds family.

How do R redeem?

Here are some steps on how to redeem your Nintendo gift card:

  • Visit Nintendo shop home page.
  • Tap the Nintendo shop icon in the menu bar.
  • Click Redeem a Nintendo shop card.
  • Enter a 16-digit activation code sent to you.
  • Click OK.

Where can I see the Activation code on my Nintendo Gift Card?

The card activation code can be seen at the reverse side of the gift card.

Note: Always bear in mind that a Nintendo gift card non refundable after purchase and you can also add funds to your Nintendo gift card any time you want to.

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