11 Best Netflix TV Shows You Must not Miss Out

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Netflix TV Shows – Netflix has become a common household name with movie lovers checking out its content on a daily basis. It is one of the most popular sites for downloading movies, TV shows, and others and you are probably missing out if you are not patronizing it. There are lots of platforms for watching TV shows online, but everyone is looking for the best.

Netflix is an online streaming service that enables customers to watch varieties of TV shows, documentaries, movies and more without having to be disrupted by commercial ads. You can easily search through their contents and select the kind of movie or TV shows you want to watch on your device. Once you become a member of this platform, you can subscribe and watch new movies and TV shows of any type, by simply searching for it on the platform.

netflix TV SHows

More About Netflix

Netflix has been there all along for years, it might have started small, but it has become one of the most popular online streaming service platforms with over 100 billion users. With billions of people subscribing to this service, you should be quite certain to get one of the best services, with top stories, popular movies and TV shows making up its contents.

With Netflix one month free trial you can get to enjoy its amazing services for free and decide if you wish to enjoy more subsequently by subscribing. The platform doesn’t just present any movies or TV shows but the most popular ones. So you can join your friends to talk about those awesome blockbuster movies or trending TV shows available on Netflix. It is quite accessible through the internet and you have no excuse not enjoy its benefits.

How To Use Netflix

You don’t wish to miss out on the best TV shows on Netflix that has got everyone who knows good TV shows talking. Right on Netflix TV Shows, you can select from the varieties of TV shows available, but the problem is knowing how to choose the best. So you don’t end up using up your data searching for that awesome TV show or using your data to get a Netflix TV show you won’t enjoy.

With different TV shows available on the platform you can become confused about what you really want to watch. You might just have a free day or extra time on your hands and you want to watch an awesome or awesome TV shows, but browsing through a whole list of TV shows of Netflix seems tiring to you. Well, you do not need to worry because we have compiled a list of best Netflix TV shows on Netflix you definitely want to see.

11 Best TV Shows On Netflix

Watching that beautiful, funny, crazy, intriguing Netflix TV shows right on your bed or in your comfort zone or wherever you are right on your mobile device can be so satisfying. And we have a list of the best Netflix TV shows you want to see to make you feel more at home.

The Crown

You can get into the world of Elizabeth II through this historical drama and get to see more and more about the burdens, sorrows, happiness, awesome life attached to being a queen.

Stranger Things

This is an award-winning Netflix TV show that mixes both mystery and horror to make up a wonderful story; you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Friends From College

Who doesn’t like a bit of comedy, this Netflix TV show is packed with comic events and talks about group friends who went to college together and met years later when they are already in their 40’s.


 You love stories about strong female characters or love watching as they wrestle each other for power, then you definitely need to check this out. This is the story about ladies of wrestling circuit and how it affects their lives.

Grace And Frankie

It is all about friendship, strong bond between two females, what they go through together and the awesome and hilarious moments they share together. You might watch this with your favorite female friend or relative to rekindle your bond over a bottle of wine.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If you want something funny, bold and you love musicals, then you definitely need to check this out. There’s never a dull moment as you get to know the awesome characters and their personalities and listen to them sing their dialogues in this awesome comic movie.


Join this dysfunctional family on their crazy funny lifestyles, which they shameless admit to love. If you love family drama with comic events to lighten up your mood, then this is definitely for you.

Pretty Little Liars

High school fun drama with lots of scandals and lies attached to it, watch how lies can change their lives of these high school kids and their families. It’s all about lie, secrets, and scandals and you don’t want to miss out on this.

How To Get Away With Murder

How do you get away with murder? You can sure find out how on this amazing, intriguing movie filled with mysteries. You get so glued to your screen trying to help characters solve a case and get overwhelmed with how each series turns out.

Jane The Virgin

With this rather quirky telenovela you can get to become part of the drama that take place in Jane’s lives.

Dear White People

A touching story about discrimination against black people with groups of student pushing back against it. It talks about the meaning of discrimination and equality in this 21st century.

There are other quite captivating Netflix TV shows on Netflix but you can always start with this list we have compiled for you and be sure of enjoying yourself.

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