5 Award-Winning Netflix Movies That Should Not Be Missed

Netflix Movies – Netflix is the home of amazing programs that you can’t find anywhere else. With movies, TV shows, specials, and more, it’s all tailored specifically to you. Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide range of award-winning movies on thousands of internet-connected devices.

You can watch as much movies as you want, all for a monthly price. Check out all our top picks for Netflix movies below and for more discussions on Netflix, leave your thoughts in the comment section and continue reading.

Netflix Movies

With thousands of movies to choose from and a navigation system and algorithm that don’t always make the right choice easy to find, it can be a bit difficult to know what to watch on the Netflix platform.

The Netflix Top Movies

Netflix movies move everyone like nothing else can, whether they are scary, funny, dramatic, or romantic, anywhere in between. Netflix has become the home of real romantic movies.

Although the Netflix platform has accurate and latest movies, sometimes it gets tough to find what go watch on t Netflix platform despite the plethora of movies listed on the Netflix platform.

Here are our top picks Movies On Netflix

  • Roma 2018 – the movie is about a maid working for an upper middle class family in Mexico City in 1970. A stunning and emotional movie that turned out to be the best movie of 2018, it scooped 2 golden globes for best director and best foreign language movie.
  • Funny girl 1968 – Barbra Streisand rose from poor beginning in the slums of New York City to become an overnight star and the toast of Broadway. The movie gained seven nominations, it is a musical comedy that should not be missed.
  • Marriage story 2019 – it tells about the divorce of a couple coming to the ultimate realization that the future they want are incompatible. The movie is the latest in a series of Netflix movies. It is a beautiful look on how complicated marriage and family can be dissecting both husband  and wife in the middle of a divorce.
  • The Irish man 2019 – the movie is about Frank Sheeran, as he recounts his past doing jobs for crime boss Russell Bufalino. Frank later became a very close friend to the famous teamster Jimmy Hofffa. Frank became his bodyguard.
  • Back to the Future – it tells about q 17years old high school student Marty Mcfly as he embarks on a journey 30gears in the past. With the help of an eccentric doctor, he must find a way back to the Future without causing too much damage to his life in the past.

There are so many movie titles and so much experience on the Netflix platform. Netflix offered thousands of movies via it’s a content streaming platform.

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