10 Best Movies on Netflix – Check Them Out And Thanks Me Later

Netflix Best Movies – We love watching movies, enjoying beautiful stories, true stories, trending stories, adventurous stories and they are packaged in one platform-NETFLIX. Browsing through sites for movies can be quite a time consuming and might yield no result.

Sometimes you don’t even know what movies to search for and the ones available might very old movies. Well, Netflix is here to solve such problems with its action-packed, heart touching, funny movies you can access any movie of your choice right on Netflix.

Netflix is one of the best platforms for movie downloads with its line up of movies all you have to do is click the download button to get the movie you want, or you can easily search for whatever you want. You might already have a list of movies you have marked out to watch on a specific date but choosing the best to suit your mood or taste at the moment might be a problem.

And searching through and probably skimming through each video to know the best can be quite stressful. You don’t have to worry about all that because we have compiled a list of Netflix best movies and you can check it out.

Netflix best movies

Best Netflix Movies

You don’t want to have to browse through a whole line up of movies to know the Netflix best movies. Good thing we are right here to help with just that. Though Netflix is filled with awesome movies, there are those which are more awesome than others. If you are a movie lover, then you definitely need to check this list out.

Avenger: Infinity War

This one of Netflix best movies .Yes, it is right on Netflix with its action-packed events there’s never a dull moment, you get to meet amazing, mysterious characters and become part of this awesome world created by Marvel Studios. You are definitely going to be glued to your screen, eager to know how it ends.

The Indiana Jones Trilogy

This is directed by one of the best directors in Hollywood, and it takes you through a series of adventures and ancient mysteries. You can watch the trilogy right on Netflix from the kingdom of crystal skull, Raider of the lost ark to Temple of Doom.


This is an award-winning beautiful heart touching story. It can get you so emotional to the point of tears as the main character tells his childhood story. It was counted as Netflix best movies because its an award winning movie

Bird Box

Who doesn’t want to watch a little bit of mystery and horror all packed in one movie? This movie is about a mother and her children stalked by a deadly evil and they have to travel blindfolded to remain safe.

Black Hawk Down

Battle, blood, survival, loyalty, action, brotherhood all packed in one movie. The American soldiers have to struggle to survive in Somalia after their helicopter is downed in the city during a raid.

The Gift

A visit changes a couple’s world into an unexpected world of secrets and lies. The visit of the husband’s former schoolmates reveals untold lies and secrets they have kept hidden for years.

Cape Fear

Funny, amazing and all about an ex-con who seeks revenge on the prosecutor who put him behind the bar. With Robert De-Niro playing the ex-con, he keeps the audience entertained till the end of the movie.


An intriguing movie about iMovie about identity, personal panic, and s-e-x-u-a-l compulsion. It tells a story about how a disturbed history professor changes his life and the life of his lookalike with a series of psychos-exual analysis.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy

The movie pulls its audience into extraordinary new worlds on a new Galaxy. With the Galaxy threatened by series of war and division, four superheroes must do all they can to save the Galaxy from these evil menaces.

The Dark Knight

We love superheroes with their amazing superpowers they draw us into their worlds. This is one of the movies that make us love them even more. Christopher Bales acts as the main protagonist fighting against his greatest enemy, JOKER.

There are lots and lots of awesome movies on Netflix, but you might just want to start with these Netflix Best movies we have compiled for you.

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