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Marketing Strategies –  Best Marketing Strategy – I will personally describe marketing strategy as the heart of any business. These are directions to be followed in order to achieve specific business objectives.

Businesses are in existence to give satisfaction to various individuals but it won’t come to pass when the businessman does not have a mind-blowing strategy. There are a lot of businesses but only a few stands out because of their incredible marketing strategies. A lot of people have strategies but the question is how good your strategy is.


For any business to grow you don’t just need capitals but you also need ideas that will attract a lot of customers. As we all know capital is one of the most important tools in starting up a business. But a situation whereby you have money but you don’t have solid marketing ideas.

Your business will gradually go down the drain without you having the slightest on what the problem is. So in other to grow a solid business you need outstanding marketing strategies that will enable you to reach to a lot of people.

Types Of Marketing Strategies

As a well-established business person these are some of the marketing strategies you need to know:

·  Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a marketing struggle that takes place using a digital platform. Digital defines the process used to deliver the act. Digital marketing could easily be called a “push”/ “pull” marketing device. Traditional marketing acts include the TV billboard and print advertisements.

The “push” part allows you to get in touch with customers and inspire them to buy your service or product. There are a lot of ways to attain this push technique such as messaging, text messaging, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media, and email. Also, there are many marketing tools you can use like the optimization search engine and even online banner advertising.

The “pull” technique happens when consumers take the initiative to look for your business through an online search via digital marketing. For instance, they may execute a search on the Internet using your name.

The user then establishes a link, via your website, where they can easily contact your company and always keep in touch with your business. For example, they can sign up for text messages, streaming video, emails or podcasts on your website. So, you’re pulling in, or attracting customers.

·   Online or internet marketing

Internet or online marketing is a marketing movement that requires an internet or online connection. This marketing drive allows you to reach out to customers, conduct research, and sell your product or services online or over the internet.

The definition will depend on how it is used. A domestic business person may refer to these marketing strategies as selling over the internet. But, if you have a website, you may refer to it as blogging, writing articles, or advertising on other websites to drive traffic to your site. It’s essential to note that there are many terminologies for internet marketing like web marketing, online marketing, website promotion, etc.

  • Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing refers to a marketing strategy that promotes active participation between the consumer and the marketing movement

This term sometimes refers to a fast-growing movement from one-sided customer interaction to a two-sided interaction. Interactive marketing is turning into a trend because of customers ‘need for a better online adventure and improved internet technology.

Customers like a company to know who they are as individuals, not as a group or just a crowd.

For example, every time a customer logs into a company’s website the person will likely want to see his or her name displayed along with product interests and communication preferences.

Interactive marketing gives customers the ability to receive and give up-to-date, minute-to-minute feedback on the particular business or product. When you think about interactive marketing, a good example is Amazon.

Amazon is the biggest site in this marketing area. It receives and stores information about customers searching and buying behavior. It also recalls customers’ names, provides a suggestion for a reading section for book searches, continuously asks for the customer’s feedback on items they have purchased earlier

Other Marketing Strategies include;

  • Close Range Marketing (CRM) …
  • Relationship Marketing. …
  • Transactional Marketing. …
  • Scarcity Marketing. …
  • Word of Mouth Marketing. …
  • Call to Action (CTA) Marketing. …
  • Viral Marketing.

A lot of business owners fail to acknowledge the importance of marketing strategy in the overall strategic business process.

Here are some of the importance of marketing stated below:

  • it increases sales and profit.
  • it creates customer’s preference for the brand.
  • it increases the effectiveness of the marketing message to both customers and partners.
  • It provides the business with focus and direction.
  • It saves the business owners time and money.
  • It identifies the tools that the company can use effectively to fight competition and gain market share.

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