Marine Jobs in USA for Foreigners 2022 – 15 Open Vacancies Now!!

Marine Jobs in USA for Foreigners- The United States is one of the most attractive countries for people looking to find a new career as a Marine. If you are planning to move to the USA and start working in the marine industry as a job, take your time to go through this list of marine jobs in USA for foreigners. The article covers a range of jobs like offshore worker, marine engineer, lifeguard, and more. It also gives you a breakdown of what qualifications you will need for each type of job.

What Are Marine Jobs?

There are many marine jobs for foreign nationals in the United States. This includes positions in the maritime industry, coast guard, and fisheries.

Some common maritime jobs for foreigners include:

-Ship Captain
-Marine Engineer
-Ship’s Cook
-Cargo Handler

List of Marine Jobs in USA for Foreigners

If you are looking for marine jobs in the USA, you may want to check out these websites. These are some of the largest and most well-known companies that hire foreign workers for marine jobs.

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  1. Carnival Cruise Lines – Carnival ships employ a large number of foreign workers, both onshore and aboard the vessels themselves. You may need a valid visa to work for Carnival, but many other cruise lines are willing to hire foreigners with valid visas.
  2. Princess Cruises – Princess ships also employ a large number of foreign workers. Like Carnival, many of these workers need a valid visa to work on board the ship, but there are often ways to get around this requirement. Princess is one of the most lenient cruise lines when it comes to hiring foreigners with visas.
  3. Norwegian Cruise Line – Norwegian offers a great variety of jobs for foreigners working on their ships. From cooks and waitstaff to deckhands and janitors, there’s probably a job that’s right for you if you have the qualifications.
  4. Cunard Line – Cunard is one of the oldest and most prestigious cruise lines in operation today. As a result, the line is a little more selective when it comes to hiring staff with valid visas. Cunard requires that all crew members have a valid passport or other appropriate travel documents before they can be considered for employment.
  5. Holland America Line – The same rules of having a passport and visa apply to this company just like the four above in terms of acceptable proof of legal residency. Holland American offers opportunities for foreign workers who are interested in working on board their ships or their cruise lines’ vacation properties such as private island resorts.
  6. Crystal Cruises – Another cruise line with stringent requirements when it comes to hiring foreign workers with visas; this company only hires those who have valid passports and visas through major companies such as British, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand passport.
  7. Royal Caribbean International – I’m still trying to gather all the details on this one but as far as I know, Royal Caribbean only hires workers with valid visas and passports through companies such as British, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand passport holders.
  8. Star Clippers – If you have a valid visa and passport, then you can work for Star Clipper in the capacity of deck staff member.
  9. Azamara Club Cruises – Azamara Club Cruises only hires non US citizens as deck staff members, and only those with valid visas and passports through the terms and conditions of employment.

Types of Marine Jobs in USA for Foreigners

There are many types of marine jobs that foreigners can pursue in the United States. Some of these include: deckhand, engineer, captain, and teacher.

Deckhand is one of the most common marine jobs for foreigners to take. This position involves performing general maintenance on a vessel, such as cleaning and painting.

Engineer is another popular job for foreigners to pursue in the marine industry. Engineers work on vessels designing and maintaining engines and other mechanical equipment.

Captain is another high-paying marine job that is often difficult to obtain. Captains are responsible for the safety and well-being of their crews while sailing on vessels.

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Teacher is a less common but highly desirable job for foreigners in the marine industry. Teachers work with students at maritime academies or teaching institutions to help them learn about maritime sciences and navigation.

Available Marine Jobs in USA for Foreigners

There are many marine jobs in USA for foreigners depending on your qualifications and experience. A few examples include:

  • deckhand
  • captain
  • engineer
  • deck officer
  • bosun


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Looking for a career opportunity in the marine industry? Check out our list of marine jobs for foreigners! Whether you are a certified diver, engineer, or crewmember, these jobs will have you working on vessels all over the world. From fishing ports to oil rigs, there is sure to be a position available that fits your qualifications and interests.

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